Monday, May 9, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere...

Today while browsing blogs, I came across a contest that I thought I'd better enter.  It's over at Cowspotdog and the idea is to post a picture of your dog either loving or hating the water.  Well, I thought that would be easy, since I already posted my favorite Skye vs. the hose picture.  Here it is again...

Such elegance and perfect form too!  The only problem is that she seems to have no teeth...

Not to worry!  All her pearly whites are in tact and ready for action!

While determining my favorite Skye vs. the hose picture, I also found two good ones of past foster dogs at the beach.  Apparently pit bulls and water go together like peas and carrots.


Lola and the stick
Oddly enough I couldn't find any pictures of Parker, who actually enjoys the water.  Skye is like a cat with water, unless it is shooting out of a hose or sprinkler.

Also, thank you to everyone who gave me advice on the dog food dilemma.  At the moment, Skye is doing very well and Parker is transitioning to Prairie dry food without a problem.  I am going to look into The Honest Kitchen as well as Missing Link as an additive, and have another chat with my vet.  While a raw diet appeals to me in some ways, I can't say I'm ready to commit to one just yet.  Of course that will change if this food dilemma EVER comes up again.  Parker and Skye, I hope you're listening!


  1. Yes, Mesa agrees they go well together :)


  2. Great, the Missing Link was lifechanging as was weaning Havi VERY SLOWLY ONTO THE Evo and Missing Link :) keep us updated!


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