Friday, July 29, 2011

Apparently I Spoke Too Soon

Thanks for all the name ideas!  The down side to knowing hundreds of dogs is that there are many names that are disqualified because they're taken by friends, clients, coworkers etc.  I love Bramble, Foley, and a few others, and will be sure to use them at some point, but not for Meat Head.  Meat Head's name came floating over the radio this morning on my way to work, and it stuck...

Meet Sinatra!

as in...
Mr. Frank Sinatra
Style, class, and a stoic exterior just waiting to be broken open.  It has nothing to do with nature or preppy kids, but that doesn't matter since he isn't coming home with me.  Or anyone.  

Today the quarantine officer called us and, as much to her surprise as ours, said that Sinatra cannot go into foster care with anyone during his quarantine.  He has to be at a professional boarding facility or a shelter with a kennel according to the head of her department.  But, of course, the good state of Massachusetts won't be paying for the boarding, and no shelter has the space, time, and spare funds.
I spent my afternoon calling shelter after shelter.  Most people were sympathetic, but unable to help.  A few people were rude, and one shelter seemed willing to help until they asked his breed.  They don't accept pit bulls into their facility.  They are only in the business of rescuing and rehoming fluffy, innocent faced dogs, not those dangerous types.  Now, this was after a few rejections already, and it took a whole lot of self control to bite my tongue and move on.

So I'm left with few options.  He cannot stay at our facility unless the state pays for it, which they won't do.  No other boarding facility would make an exception, and no shelter (so far) can accommodate such a request.  I've offered free training, and foster care for whichever dog Sinatra would be taking space away from.  No takers.

It looks like Sinatra's string of bad luck hasn't ended yet.  The ACO, my coworkers, and the quarantine officer all love this big guy, so at least I'm not fighting this alone, but if no one can take him, and no one can foster him, than euthanasia may be his fate.

I feel like I'm over posting about this, but it's been a lot of ups and downs this week.  Keep those paws crossed, cause I don't have the heart to tell Skye that she's sleeping alone for a little while longer!


  1. it would seem as if the state sets these rules, it's almost as if they are only giving the choice of euthanasia. the most terrifed i have been by a dog, while out on a walk was actually a miniature schnauzer. not my own of course, but one that was in a fenced yard in the neighborhood. it sounded and looked as if it wanted to kill if it could have escaped. just because they are cute doesn't mean they can't be aggressive, and for pits that is very unfortunate. i do really like those beds, btw.

  2. Can he stay at your shelter if he gets funding? It might be a long shot, but advertising him on Facebook could help you raise some money. The people who run the Patrick Miracle page ( are really, really awesome about getting exposure for pups (especially pits) in need, and they get a lot of donation help and publicity through their network. All very good people involved in the day-to-day runnings of that page. And poor, sweet, cantelope-headed baby wants and needs some love so very much!

  3. I am so frustrated for you right now, and keeping my fingers seriously crossed that this works out. It's hard enough when great dogs die in shelters because there's no one to step up and help but to have someone ready and willing to open their home to this guy and to be restricted like this. Sigh.

  4. Oh man, that is so frustrating. Maybe the idea a couple people mentioned already of trying to raise the money to have him stay with your group? If it is a facility approved to do it, there might be enough people willing to donate to give this dog a chance!

  5. You guys have really brightened my morning! My boss is on vacation until Monday, but I'm going to get an estimate from her about the cost of his stay, and go from there. A local rescue as also offered to help raise money, and I hope that with enough people pulling for him we'll make it work!

  6. gosh...hope it all works out
    Benny & Lily

  7. I'm looking at your post from 7:19 this morning. If your boss OK's this handsome guy staying at your facility with the idea that the money will be raised for his 6 months of quarantine, will the state approve it?

  8. The state has approved it since we are a boarding facility with adequate space so that he'll be isolated. That's actually why strays are brought to us in the first place, but normally an owner claims them. The real hitch was convincing the big boss in the company that someone will pay for Sinatra to stay. Raising the money is my first option, but if that comes up short I'll be covering the rest of the bill, and neutering him on top of that!

  9. Sinatra is the perfect name. Bummer about the foster stuff


  10. What a rough ride - for you and Sinatra. Fundraising is a great idea.


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