Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bloggers Unite!

I couldn't tell you how this blog has started.  I don't Twitter, and I currently only follow two blogs online, but Google managed to distract me with fun sounding activities and here I am.  I make no promises about this blog.  It may crash and burn, but I'll try to be optimistic.  I suppose I should introduce myself in a manner of speaking, or at least make it clear what I'll be blogging about.  No need to waste your time if you're an anti-animal person.

I love dogs.  To be honest, I love most all animals, but as dogs have become my profession of choice they are on the top of my list of furry friends.  I've worked in doggie daycares, kennels, animal shelters, and I've recently begun dog training as a profession.  It's great fun to see what dogs can do with a little food and a lot of patience, but business is slow, so I've got more free time than I'm used to.  Lucky for me, I have a newly adopted pitbull to occupy my time.  Skylar (or Skye) will most likely occupy a good deal of my blogging time, as it is almost impossible for her to keep out of every inch of my life.  She is about 3yrs old, and acts like a raging teenager 90% of the time.  At the moment she is sleeping- the quiet is blissful relief to the typical crash of furniture or barking. 

This being said, I should also give the other side of the story.  Skye was not an impulsive addition to my life.  She was a foster dog, my 9th, who fit so perfectly into my life that I couldn't give her away.  Her issues seemed minor and mostly related to her complete lack of training.  I should mention that I am neither perfect nor omniscient, and I've been spending that summer trying to manage this odd little pittie.  Has anyone else gone through that?  The perfect dog turns out to be hiding some deep dark bad habits that only surface once the dog knows you love them too much to really care?  I'm sure everyone has gone through something like that.

I'm also sure everyone has had the opposite happen.  The most unlikely little fuzz ball weasels into your life and it seems all wrong, until it turns out that this dog is your soul mate pet.  For me, that is Parker.  He is also my first dog- my first lifelong commitment to another living creature.  His story is a little too long for this post, but I'll take a minute some time to write it all down.  I am a pit bull person- I love their dopey yet athletic demeanor, their drive, and the opportunity to educate people on breed bias that comes with them.  I do not like little yappy fluffy dogs (although there are exceptions to every rule).  Parker is a white mini schnauzer mix... a schnoodle if you will (I will not).  His bark is high pitched and piercing, he requires regular grooming, and he would follow me through a fire.  I had never experienced devotion until I knew Parker.  He learned all his basic commands in a few weeks, can be off leash anywhere, and is a complete snob toward everyone except me.  He is my #1, and I know I'll never have another dog like him.  It's almost too bad that he was my first dog- it can only go downhill from here. 

Well, this blog has already turned into a rant.  But again, I'd love to hear about your own dogs!  Who is your #1?  Who is your most improved?  Do you have the teachers pet and the mischief maker, like me?  I certainly hope I'm not the only one with a trouble maker!

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