Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Story Tuesday - Ernie's Life of Addiction

Welcome to True Story Tuesday!!

This week we hear from Ernie of Richmond Pet Lovers Blog.  Ernie was brave enough to tell us about his life of addiction, which he has no intention of seeking help for.  Luckily, Ernie is not alone in his addiction... he tells us the rest.

Just keep up on the cardio, Ernie, and no one will ever know!  Well, no one other than all of us... since you just told us.  On the internet.  So good luck with that...

Don't forget!!
There are only a few weeks left to be featured on True Story Tuesday before the contest is over!  Parker's birthday is September 4th, and he has decided that September 6th will be the last True Story Tuesday, so that a winner can be selected and the prize sent out!

Do you want your pet featured as the next True Story Tuesday? Just send your pictures to SkyeMail07@gmail.com to enter, and you could be next!  Add your own "true story" or leave it up to Parker and Skye to determine your fate!

View the rules of True Story Tuesday here!

And don't forget that this is a giveaway!!!  Comment on this post or send in a picture for your chance to win.  Win what?  How? Huh?  No worries, just  take a look at this post to catch up!


  1. yup he looks to be in good shape so it doesn't seem to be a big problem ;)


  2. Hehe so funny!


  3. It's okay Ernie, my dogs share the same addiction! Only they have the cat to help them by knocking things off the counter!

  4. Hee, hee! But he's smart... He's hiding his face, albeit in a bag of cookies!

  5. He lives a life free from shame, that lucky dog. And he is pretty religious about his cardio, so I think he'll be able to maintain his cookie addiction for years to come.

    Thanks for featuring my special boy!


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