Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hansel and Gretel

Once upon a time there were two (foster) siblings.  Their eeeeevil mother was sick of their romping and wrestling and general shenanigans, so she tricked them into taking a walk in the forest with her.  They weren't too bright, so they happily followed her deep, deep into the woods.

Trust me, Hansel, I wouldn't leave you all alone in the woods!

Hansel worried that they might get left lost, being so deep into the woods.  He knew that he would have to leave a trail to help them find their way home.  To prepare, he drank a lot of water.

Slurp, slurp, slurp.

Gretel was more of a free spirit, and spared not a thought to how they would find their way home.  While Hansel worried and prepared, she frolicked and played, chasing frogs and chipmunks.

La la dee da...

But while Gretel ignored potential danger, Hansel marked the trail.

Gretel dug a big hole, ate some dirt, and almost caught a clever little chipmunk.

And Hansel marked the trail.

After a while, Hansel and Gretel's eeeevil mother realized that leaving them deep, deep in the forest would never work.  Hansel would find his way home, and Gretel would be such a nuisance to the forest that Mother Nature would surely take revenge.  In the end, she decided to lead Hansel and Gretel back out of the forest.

And Hansel marked the trail anyway.

The End.

Ok, not really.  Back to reality: Sinatra is going to be neutered!!! A very nice vet pulled a string or two, and tomorrow I'll be making an appointment through a pit bull spay/neuter program in the area.  Yay!!!

But what would the good news be without a little black cloud?  When Skye went to have her tooth pulled, they also took a piece of her ear.  Poor pit bull.  Certain cellular disorders appear best at end points like the ear tips.  Skye's tips have been in various stages of scabbed/bleeding/semi-healed since I met her... as is her tail tip and the top of her head.  So a little chuck of flesh went off to the lab, and today my vet left me a message.  He said that the results came back, but he needs to consult with a dermatologist to interpret what it means.

Wow, thanks.  When I got the message, it was too late to call him back.  So I know there is something wrong, or else there would be nothing to interpret.  But how wrong?  Just weird (which I'm used to), or lifelong medication?  I won't know until next week.  Yay!  As usual, keep little Skye in your thoughts, and send her your good vibes!

Side note: Sinatra weighed in at 71 lbs.  Skye is 42 lbs.  Hilarious?  Oh yes.


  1. Cute!

  2. Yay on the Sinatra news.

    I'm interested in the results from Skye's skin test. Koira used to have a problem with the ends of her ears literally rotting and falling off, but it ended up being related to her metal allergy. When she shook her head, her metal tags hit her ears, causing the rotting grossness. Or at least, that's what I've always thought...

  3. We'll keep Skye in our thoughts and prayers - I hope she's okay!

  4. We love fairy tales! Glad this one had such a happy ending. Yay for getting rid of Sinatra's "excess baggage"!! We will send good thought Skye's way.

  5. Good story, we have our paws crissed for Skye
    Benny & Lily

  6. love this post...I mean, who hasn't been tempted to ditch their little monster in the woods at some point? ;)

    hope all is well with Skye's ear!

  7. Hey!

    We're back in blogland and making our rounds!

    Love the little story. Charlie's marks on everything, too. Sometimes I can't believe how much pee his 25# body can hold.

    Sorry to hear about about Skye's odd ear test. Hopefully it's just something really weird and not too serious.

  8. What a cute story :)



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