Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Now Inturrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Post for a Giveaway!

For a different, and way better, post by me.  Parker.  The great and powerful.

Mom sent me to the groomer, so I jumped in the mud.  Actions-Consequences.

I know that normally Skye and I look at pictures of other pets and add hilarious confessions to them on Tuesday.  But today I'm taking away that privilege.  You humans can only have laughter and fun if I am laughing and having fun too. 

Look at this picture:

Do you think that makes me giggle?  No, it does not.  Do you think the idea of living with another big headed bully breed sounds fun?  NO IT DOES NOT!  Mom tried to bribe me with hot dogs into loving this big, wimpy oaf, but I smelled right through her plan!  That guy still has his business attached, and there is no way a muscle man like that is living under my roof!  Maybe, maybe if he goes to the vet people for the biggest-surprise-of-your-life-nap and comes home without them, I'll consider it.  Then I'll have two minions to do my bidding!

Ok, ok, Parker's turn is officially over.  There are very few rules around here, but plotting to take over the world is definitely a no-no.  There is no news on cheeks and the rabies, but he will get a titer after 10 days to determine if he can go into foster care or if he has to be kennel bound.  Considering that he is a huge wimp who still won't go up a step, I'm really hoping for foster care.     

But that isn't why I was posting... I was actually trying to post about


That's right folks, I have a present for a lucky pup in the blogging world!  A few months ago I ordered a couple of really cool ID tags on Etsy.  Here is Parker's:

Hello my name is ______

They have withstood the elements, swimming, wrestling, and all sorts of craziness with barely a scratch.  There are also a ton of designs to choose from on the website from the above link.  Do you want one?  How could you not?

The Rules (dun dun dun...):

-You must officially follow our blog

-You must either:  A) Enter a picture into the True Story Tuesday contest (rules etc. are right here)
B)  Comment on a True Story Tuesday post

Those who submit a picture will receive 5 chances to enter, while comments are worth one.  If you have already submitted a picture, you are already entered!

You may enter a picture AND comment for even more chances to win!  However, only one comment per post will be counted.

All names will be entered into a spreadsheet in the order that they occur, and then the ever reliable method of selection will be me asking my brother to pick a number between 1 and ____.  That person will be able to choose their tag and what they want engraved on it.  I will order the tag and have it shipped to you.  Easy, right?  Excellent!  Remember to send your funny photos to SkyeMail07 (at) gmail (dot) com!

Skye saying 'thank you' for her ID tag!


  1. Oh dear, groomers and mud usually go paw in paw
    Benny & Lily

  2. I agree, he must get rid of his "business" (Ciara made me type this)!! I have never heard it put that way before :) We will send in a picture soon.

    Pauley James & gang

  3. How fun! I love giveaways!

    Also - Parker knows every freshly-groomed dog deserves a mud bath!


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