Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rabies Isn't Cool Guys.

You heard me.  Rabies.  Not cool.

Sure there are all the normal reasons, like death... infection... and other stuff...  But the real reason? Because it is keeping me from cuddling and kissing this big cheeked boy:

How you doin'?

This is ___________.  He came into work after being picked up as a stray with bite wounds of unknown origin on his neck, cheek, and ear.  Being a stray, there is no vaccination history either, which means RABIES QUARANTINE! We can't even touch him.

After 10 days, he is able to go up for adoption, but the rabies quarantine is 6 months long.  How does that work, exactly?  I don't even know.  Massachusetts has strange laws, and a quarantine officer will be calling this week to go over the details.  After 10 days I'm hoping hoping hoping that he can go into foster care for the remainder of his isolation period with the trainer of the facility.  FYI- that is me!

Honestly, I'm already in love.  He's so sad and happy at the same time.  He doesn't react to dogs next to his room, running by, or sniffing his door.  He takes treats with a sweet, gentle mouth.  He has a giant head, and a fairly small body.  

See his mangled ear and flabby neck infection?

There are a few hiccups in my plan to take him home.  Rabies, for one.  He isn't neutered, for another.  And, of course, I have no idea how he is with other dogs.  It's been a rough week for him, and his neutral/stoic behavior may change as he becomes comfortable.  But everyone at work is already calling him mine, and I sure do want him.  At least for 6 months.  Then he can either go on his merry way to a real home, or become my 3rd and final pooch.  I'll be keeping you posted, and if anyone is more rabies-savvy than I am, let me know what to expect!  Cause this lady needs a big, beefy boyfriend!

Boyfriend?  Can I chew on it?


  1. oooo he is so darn cute. I want to cuddle with him


  2. Oh man, he is adorable. I went through a rabies scare a little while back, when Koira got bit by a coyote. We ended up not having to do a quarantine, since she is current on her shots and there is no rabies in the area.

    A couple things I would think would factor in: Is there a rabies outbreak in your area? That would be the big one, I think. Even current on shots, Koira would have been in quarantine if we had an outbreak. If no rabies in the area, seems a good bet he will be fine, and hopefully have a more lax quarantine time.

    Can a rabies titer be run on him? I know some areas accept a titer in place of a vaccine (of course, contact with the actual disease also creates a positive, but if rabies is not in the area, it would most likely indicate vaccines at some point).

    And, if it were me, I would appeal for someone to come forward with any shot records, recent or not, offering them the ability to do it anonymously if need be. I assume he has no microchip, but does every shelter in your area microchip, or might one of them adopted him out at some point, with vaccines?

    Good luck to him, and you!

  3. Oh the poor boy. We will keep our fingers crossed that all will work out well for him (& the sooner, the better). He is gorgeous!

  4. Oh he is a handsome boy. Hope everything works out!

  5. What a pretty, pretty boy. Just look at those eyes. Looks so much like my Fozzie Bear foster dog (foster failure?)

    Sending him big warm recovery vibes! Hope he gets to stay with you--he'll be so grateful!

  6. Oh we can tel that you are all in love with him already, we do hope it works out and he can come and stay with you, let us know if an engagement is in the air ;-) Dex and Lou xxx


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