Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rabies Just Got Cooler!

Little update on no-name... it turns out rabies quarantine isn't nearly as scary as I thought!  He can go into foster care next week, and has to have limited contact with people and dogs for 6 months.  The best part? Today I got to pet him!!!

I liked it.  I liked it a whole bunch.

So the good:
-He can go outside, chill in my office, and go home to learn how to use stairs and sleep on a couch
-He can get a bath (he stinks!)
-I can get him neutered!!!
-He can meet Parker and Skye.  This will most likely happen Saturday- keep your paws crossed!
-I can bring him home to foster him starting Monday, though I'll probably wait a few more days until I'm confident in his ability to share his living space with other dogs.

Can I go outside now?

The Bad:
-I'm not technically approved to foster him yet.  I live on the other side of a state line all of 15 minutes away from work.  Bringing a rabies dog across state lines is a no-no, but they may make an exception considering the circumstances.
-I may need to pay for him to be neutered if I can't find someone to do it for free.
-He is not allowed to leave our property unless it is to transport him to an approved site (ie-work).  So we'll be playing in the yard... a lot...
-It is still a rabies quarantine, so if he did die of the disease (highly unlikely), myself and my family can look forward to a series of shots.  Woo!

Also, sorry for a little grossness, but Cheeks is finally on the mend from his big bad bite wounds!

As a final thought, you may have noticed that this guy hasn't got a proper name!  For shame!  I'm totally stumped, so I need your help!  There are a few qualifications, so that his name fits into the theme that Parker and Skye have set.

#1- Nature-based:  I grew up next to the Parker River, and my mom was enthralled by Skye's sky blue coat.  So a rock, a bush, a butterfly... it doesn't matter, as long as it ties into the natural world.

#2- Preppy kid name:  This was an accidental coincidence, but both Parker and Skylar are popular kids names right now, which I didn't realize until my friend (who is a preschool teacher) pointed it out.  This is not a requirement for Meathead's name, but would be a happy bonus!

Thanks in advance!


  1. Sounds like all good news... No name, oh my word.
    Benny & Lily

  2. Glad to hear the good news!! I am sure he will be happy to go outside and play.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did - I love your pack!

    Wow. Mr. Soon To Be Named is handsome but rabies? Yikes! What a lucky dog to land in your world.

    I think his name is Scout.

  4. OH I like Scout that is cute. What about Buck, Rocky, Coal, Sampson or Aspen, my husband and I went a little overboard looking for cool naturey names, it was a fun challenge. Hope you find one that suits your handsome boy, good luck with him can't wait to read more about him!

  5. Yay congratulations! So glad to hear the news get better.

    How about Forrest? Winston?

    Not preppy kid names, but I do like some of the nature-sounding Latin names: Pecos, Pancho?

    For the big burly pit bulls, I have to say I like to go with the over-the-top family-friendly names (that's how the dog who began as Bullet is now Fozzie Bear). Tinkerbell?

    Good luck! He is such a precious cutie.

  6. I like the preppy name idea...I think he looks like a Chad. :)

    sooo happy you finally got to pet him, but probably not as happy as he was!

  7. Hes so cute. Glad you can foster him!


  8. Good luck with the dog meet this weekend! Paws are crossed for you.

    Name-wise, what about Dakota?

  9. Ouch his wound looks painful :( So very happy that he will be in a home soon!! I have always liked the name River.....

  10. Oh, what great news! I hope all goes well this weekend.

    Cheeky has the most beautiful brindle coat that reminds me of fall foliage. What about Foley? (Unfortunately, the meaning is Irish for plunderer, or pirate. Then again, my human boy would be thrilled to be named for pirates.) :)

  11. What a sweetheart! And, looks hopeful for you. I'm sure he'll be happy to be "home!" I like Foley! I also think the over-the-top cute name is a good idea for a "scary" looking guy like him. Really throw people off when you're out and about in public! ;-) Fozzy is awesome!

  12. How about:
    Huck (huckleberry)

  13. Thanks for all the ideas! I have to say that as his personality shines through more, he seems a lot like a Bramble!


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