Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pit Bulls are Dumb. That's Why I Love Them.

I've been posting a lot about Parker lately.  That's probably because Skye has been a pretty good girl, and she's finally comfortable with the routine that is our life.  But today we were playing a game of 'catch the snowball,' when I got a silly picture of her.  Then, looking through my past albums, I noticed a lot of pictures of my foster pits that would fall under the "mentally challenged" category.  I'm sure all you pit bull owners out there have these pictures.  Your pooch is playing with a toy, a stick, a shadow, who knows?  They get that crazed look in their eye and suddenly you have a furry bottle rocket zooming randomly in every possible direction, jumping, wiggling, with a look of pure joy on that slobbery face.

So here's the collection I found...

Diamond chasing the sun's reflection...

These next few are eerily similar...

Lola's first day with me and her big ball. 

Lola's dopey beach run.

Rocky with his big ball.
Technically, Rocky was not a foster dog.  However, he was my first pit love, back when I was a volunteer at the shelter.  I interned with the training department, and my friend and I were both assigned "problem dogs" to work with, clicker train, CGC certify, and hopefully find homes for.  Rocky's story doesn't have a happy ending, and he was my first shelter heartbreak as well.  But I'm happy to have lots of goofy pictures of him as a happy dumb pup, and I'll be sure to share his story in the future. 

I'll leave you with these last few dumb pit pictures.

Diamond- the alien eating the space ship.

Junior, literally exploding with excitement!
And Skye baby, really focusing on that snowball that hit her in the face.

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  1. aww we loves all of them!!!!!
    too adorabull!!!
    we send pittie slobbers from our pack to yours

    the pittie pack


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