Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Skye Update

Sometimes I think I knew Skye would be my troublesome dog before I ever adopted her.  Even as a foster, she was a medical mystery.  First, she was spayed.  Then, it turned out she was pregnant (aka not even close to spayed).  After that, we discovered it was a false pregnancy and spayed her once and for all, to avoid future mishaps. 

I'm not Mom material anyway!

Then (if you missed my prior post) she goes and collapses on me for no good reason.  After a slight panic on my part, I put my head back on and talked to my vet.  We'll do blood work, but as long as she's eating and drinking and not seizing, there's no need to rush her anywhere.  So on Friday afternoon we go to the vet (we already had the appointment) to update her vaccinations and steal some of her blood.  She was a typical pit bull- didn't even notice the big ol' needle in her arm, but cried like a baby when they squirted stuff up her nose.

You won't catch me off guard again!

Then today I talk to my vet about the results.  I've only been imagining every horrible outcome over the weekend, so I wasn't at all stressed about what she'd say (insert dripping sarcasm).  Nothing.  Well, not completely nothing, but nothing that would indicate why she collapsed.  Instead, she found a new medical mystery.  Yay.

YAY!!!!  Oh wait...

Skye has one normal kidney level, and one elevated one.  Specifically, her BUN is twice what it should be.  My good friend the internet tells me this means either kidney failure, she drank antifreeze (and would have been dead 5 days ago) or is poisoned in some other way.  All happy thoughts.  My vet said bring in a urine sample Thursday morning for them to check out (I'll be sure and try to take pictures of myself chasing Skye with a bucket as she does her morning potty).  Until them, I'll be filing my nails down to nothing and avoiding Googling anything about it.  While the vet was confused, she wasn't overly worried.  I'll try for that.  I'll think happy thoughts, like imagining my dog dressed like a cartoon character.  Oh wait, I don't need to imagine it, I have pictures!  We had a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party at work, see:

Parker is only happy because it isn't his turn... yet.

I can see something up there!

Being animated is exhausting.

Please Mom, not the ears!

I'll keep you posted about Skye's medical mysteries as I get more clues.  Now go hug your dog!




  2. Sending good thoughts to Skye! And I second the "avoid Google" sentiments above me!

  3. Hi Y'all,

    As they say, to be trite, "never a dull moment". At least that is what I hear the Humans say.

    Paws are crossed for you and Skye,
    Hawk aka BrownDgo

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Stop by tomorrow and pick up y'alls Award!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. hope Skye is feeling better! I just posted a similar pic of my dog on her back (she was in the gravel at the dog park, but still). must be a pittie thing!

  6. Oh I just LOVE your precious Skye! What a cutie patootie :) I can totally see her fun personality in your pics! I do hope she gets to feeling better soon!
    New follower here - saw you over at BrownDog's blog. Loving your pics and posts! Happy Tuesday!

    ~Katie, Nugget & Oscar

  7. Oh, best wishes for Skye! It's so scary when you just don't know what's wrong. Our thoughts are certainly with her and with you!

  8. Your two are adorable! I hope Skye's medical issues get resolved soon!


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