Friday, April 29, 2011

Can't Keep a Pit Bull Down!

First off, let me shout out a HUGE thank you for all the happy thoughts and well wishes while Skye was sick.  I'll admit, I have few friends in real life that are truly "dog people," and this was one of those times that I realized how hard that can be.  I had more people saying that they couldn't believe how much money I dropped on Skye than well wishes for her health.  So I appreciate you all that much more for your comments and happy thoughts.

Yeah, thanks!!

Oddly enough, Parker was sick on Wednesday as well.  It was identical to Skye's symptoms before she crashed and burned, but the next morning he woke up fine.  He ate breakfast and was completely normal.  Somehow I think he was faking the whole thing because he knew how much more attention he'd be getting.

Prove it.

All in all I'm so happy to be back to normal around here.  My laptop has come back from the dead, and I've been catching up on the other blogdogs we follow.  All I need to do is find my camera cord so I can upload some of the pictures I've been taking of my new and improved healthy dogs!

Thanks again, friends. 

Can we have treats again yet?


  1. so happy to hear that Skye is better! and I know what you mean about "non-dog" people in your life, when my pre-Maisie dog Kaya was old and sick, I could not believe how many friends and family members casually asked why I continued to spend money on her medical needs and didn't just put her to sleep instead. but never fear, your fellow crazy dog people are here for you! :)

  2. That photo of Parker is awesome. I love the expression in his face and eyes


  3. I know exactly what you mean! One of the reasons I started to blog was to get all of my "crazy-dog-lady" out of my system so everyone else would stop asking if I was a little cracked in the head...

    Hooray for Skye feeling better.

  4. I'm so happy to hear Skye's feeling better! I actually had "the money talk" with my mom last night. I finally admitted that if Charlie had terminal cancer and it would cost $100,000 to treat I wouldn't do it. But pretty much anything else is game. Most people really don't get why I spend so much on the pups, but it's always so nice to hear other people who feel the same way!


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