Monday, April 11, 2011

Say it with me- ADOPTED!

Adopted? Lola was adopted?  I almost fell out of my chair.  Lola's first adoption took 4 months; her second took 2.  Now, in less than 2 weeks Lola is out of the shelter and (hopefully) in her permanent home.

Practice makes perfect.

While I didn't get to talk to her new owner (I was teaching agility and missed the call), he is a young, active guy.  He sounds like a great match, with only one thing that worries me.  He already owns a male pit/mastiff mix.  The dog intro went well, and the dogs seem to get along just fine, they even played together.  But Lola has never had to share living space with another dog.  She shared her kennel with a dog she loved during her first stay at the shelter, but that was short-lived (Jasper got a little too humpy). 

I know that the staff at AWS know Lola very well, and they would be sure to explain how important it is that the dogs are never alone unsupervised, that they aren't expected to share important items like raw hides, and that play isn't allowed to get too intense, but humans aren't known for following direction well.  Many dogs are returned because there was a fight that should have been prevented, but the new owner didn't create boundaries from the start.

So while I'm very happy, I'm also a little worried that it won't work out.  I do think Lola could benefit from having a big brother in many ways, but I'm not sure she would agree with me on that.  Either way, she is on to the next great adventure, and I'm hoping it's a long one!

Adventure- here I come!


  1. I hope things work out for Lola and that she has found her forever home!

  2. I read about Lola and how you might try to foster her again in a previous post. I'm so glad that you didn't have to make that decision and that she has found a new home! I sure hope it works out. She looks so sweet.

  3. Thats awesome, hope it works out for her!

  4. Fingers crossed for Lola! It also took a while and a couple of homes for Bilbo to find me but it definitely stuck that time.

  5. We sure are hoping it works out!



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