Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is There Something in the Air?

I remember when I was in school.  Usually around this time, when the weather was nice and the world was finally awake again, I'd be ready for school to be over.  In fact, it would be like my brain turned off altogether, and not a thing could turn it back on.

I think that is exactly what happened to Parker and Skye today.  Yesterday and today have been warm and sunny, and I think it may have baked their brains a little bit.  Let me show you what I mean...

Today Parker spent hours- literally hours! - playing the splash game in the day camp pool.  Now, I've seen labs and other dogs digging in the water and catching splashes, and I can see how that might be fun.  But Parker didn't seem excited as much as oddly fascinated by his ability to move the water.  He just went from corner to corner, lightly making waves.  And he's supposed to be the smart one.

Next we have the less intelligent one...

As you've seen in earlier posts, Skye loves the hose.  In fact, her infatuation with the hose has become borderline obsessive.  Today I discovered that her delight in the moving water has extended to delight in the hose itself.  Actually, in the head of the hose... when it isn't attached to anything...

Really, it's just fascinating that dogs perceive things so differently than we do.  When Skye plays with the hose, she see's the black plastic head.  What does it matter if the other thing isn't attached?  Make the water come out anyway!

After taking the video of Skye, I rewarded her (and her hose-playing gang) with some actual water.  If you thought Skye made some funny faces, you'll be blown away by Prince!

The monster from the deep!


  1. these water pictures are hilarious!! love em!!

  2. Baked brains aren't always bad things ;)


  3. I can't see the videos, it says due to privacy settings? but the water pics are simultaneously hilarious and terrifying!

  4. Thanks for pointing that out- technology is not my friend apparently. I think I fixed the problem, but let me know if I didn't. I won't have a clue what to try next, but at least I'll learn my lesson about trying to add video to the blog!

  5. I can see 'em now. I had a similar problem the other day and posted it to Blogger help, someone replied and told me to upload it to youtube then copy and paste the embed URL code into the "edit HTML" tab under "edit post." does that make sense?

  6. This is hilarious! I find it fascinating that the "gang" is behaving like a bunch of preschoolers on "splash day". Dogs are awesome!

  7. Parker is so cute digging in the water, such a funny guy. I think Skye was just getting the gang ready for the water...her excitement is contagious!


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