Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Week in Pictures

Parker, Skye and I packed our bags and went to Scooter's house for the week.  Scooter looked like a sheep, so our first stop was the grooming department- doesn't he look dapper?
The next day, Scooter tried out camp for the first time.  This pretty much sums up his feelings toward large dogs.

By day 3 I trusted Scooter enough to be off leash at the rez.  It helps that he's as needy as Parker and wants you in sight at all times.
Scooter also learned that when the camera comes out, it is best to sit and look cute, cause there are usually treats coming his way.
It was finally nice enough at camp to play with the hose.  Skye was excited.
Really excited.
On Scooter's last day with us, he was brave enough to move around.  From the chair to the chair's arm.
It was a long week, and the dogs appreciated a nice nap before Scooter's owners came to pick him up.  Now, I think it's my turn.


  1. those pics of Skye with the hose are awesome!

  2. wow that camp sure looks super fun. we loved how high skye can jump for the water . we here at the woggie pibble house are against anyfing that has to do wiff us having contact wiff water . buwahahaha

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  3. those hose photos crack me up!


  4. The photo of Scooter on the chair arm is hysterical!

  5. What cuties! The hose captures are awesome.

    Btw, I'm following from Hop Along Friday and hope you'll come join my Spring Blog Hop, too.

  6. Cute pictures! I love the one with the garden hose. Looks like Skye had a blast!

  7. ..I love skye in the first photo!


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