Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Down with Sesame Street!

Ernie and Bert?  Meet your replacements- Parker and Skye!

I got the eye!

Parker may look like he's going easy on Ernie, but notice the lack of hair on his little orange head.

Please note that I, like many others, was raised on Sesame Street, and I have no grudge against them (unlike Barney).  The dogs decided to take down this dynamic duo all on their own- promise!


  1. bwa ha ha ha


  2. Ohhhh, poor Bert and Ernie! HA! I just wish I had one of my own to chomps up!

    Found you on the blog hop, can't wait to follow along!

    Sugar the Who

  3. I should have mentioned- those aren't dog toys! The dogs found them when my Mom was cleaning out old toys from my childhood. Letting Parker and Skye have them was easier than a yard sale!

  4. the photo of skye with ball in mouth is just about the cutest thing i've ever seen :)

    follow our foster:

  5. Poor Earnie and Bert - and you generously gave your childhood toys to your little misfits! Ah that's love!

  6. Hillarious! Kirby is wondering if I would get him Big Bird!

    Kirbys Mom


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