Friday, August 5, 2011

Nothing is Half Way with Pit Bulls

I've been spending a few short sessions with Sinatra, Parker, and Skye every day.  Sometimes we go into a fenced in area, sometimes we go down to the training field on a long line. But it seems that no matter where we go or what I plan, only one thing ends up happening...

A lot of dumb pit bull play.  Here I was hoping to ease the dogs into life together, and these two skip steps 1-9!   At least I can always count on Parker to remain suspicious of Sinatra's goofy attitude toward life.

Sure he seems nice, but I'm keeping my eye on him!

Did you say I'll get a cookie for getting closer?

Too close, new guy.  Waaaayyyy too close!

And to end this post about nothing, a picture of the happy pit bulls.  Unless they're running into each other at full speed, they tend to avoid being close to one another.  Even for a treat, Skye would only get this far:

Cause let's face it: Pit bulls are just plain special.


  1. So nice to see Sinatra getting to run around like crazy with his potential foster or forever siblings!! I can't get over how beautiful he is.

  2. what a blast! We wanna play
    Benny & Lily

  3. Arent pitties the best?


  4. I swear I cold sit & look at these pictures all day! The one of Parker looking suspiciously at Sinatra is great!


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