Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Story Tuesday... or Not...

So this week we had no new submissions for the True Story Tuesday spot.  It's cool.  I was going to post a reminder, as submitting a picture greatly increases your odds of winning a fun new ID tag, but Parker stopped me.  Because he has taken over this contest.  Because he's the boss.  And because he realized that he hasn't been featured yet!  So, friends, you're off the hook. 

You know how people see the Virgin Mary in all sorts of weird places?  Like birthmarks, toast, and mold?   Well Parker sees the Virgin Mary in... himself. 

What can I say? He's a schnauzer. 

So, folks, that leaves just one week to be featured!  Next Tuesday will be our final True Story Tuesday installation, with the winner of the contest announced the following Tuesday.  Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday.  Win Win Win.  I think that about covers it...


  1. Which photo is you?


  2. he looks oh so serene and I'm sure has miraculous healing powers as well. then again, I'm Jewish so what do I know? ;)


  3. I'm new here! What is True Story Tuesday? BOL, we loved the picture.

  4. Hey Kol! Sorry, that post was completely lacking any helpful info. If you want, check out last week's True Story Tuesday to get the details for the contest (http://parkerskye.blogspot.com/2011/08/true-story-tuesday-ernies-life-of.html). Good luck!

  5. I was wondering what a photo of the Virgin Mary was doing in your post . . . I definitely see a resemblance!

  6. I figured Koira already got to share her True Story, and it was time for someone else to get a chance at the limelight. Parker deserved a post, for sure!


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