Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do You Want Me?

It's official: Sinatra is on the market.  Get him while he's hot.  Last week marked his "you definitely don't have rabies" day, which means I have begun the process of finding him a home.  While he cannot get a rabies shot until the end of December, there is no longer a risk that he has rabies and he can go to a home that understands the restrictions they have to follow until he does have a rabies shot.

Isn't this home?

I'm sure some of you are thinking "but Jenny, why don't you keep him?" 

It isn't a bad point.  I love Sinatra- he's big, goofy, and generally mellow.  He has that pit bull loyalty- that desire to learn and obey just because I said so, which Skye so clearly lacks.  Plus, he does some truly adorable things.  For example, when it has been a long day and he's really tired, he will drag a blanket out of his crate, bunch it into a ball, lay down, and stuff it into his mouth.  When his mouth is full, he'll start kneading the blanket with his front paws and fall asleep.  How freaking cute is that?!?

Bad quality, but it was night time.

Even my Mom has been won over by Sinatra.  She loves that he can lay quietly for hours, or play with a toy all on his own.  He doesn't get worked up and bark like Parker and Skye and he will dash into his crate the second you tell him to.  She loves that he always tries to give you his paw when you ask him to sit and that he has "the eyes of an old soul."

Sadly, keeping Sinatra is not in the plan.  Skye alone has cost me what most people spend on 4 dogs, and it is very likely she will continue to require frequent vet visits, as her particular auto-immune disorder is not well known.  Also, while Sinatra is quiet in the house it has been tough keeping some semblance of order. 

Most importantly, 3 is the limit.  Keeping Sinatra means no more fostering and no more dog sitting.  I want to leave the 3rd spot open for the next dog in need or the next training client who is desperately overwhelmed and needs a break. 

Haha- sprinkler fun!

Plus, being only 1-2 years old, Sinatra has a lot of love to give to someone else.  His possessive behavior is much improved; just last night my younger brother and his girlfriend came over.  The first time they met Sinatra, he was in his crate growling at them and hiding his bone.  Last night he was doing tricks, playing the trade-up game, and being a lovable dog.  They were so impressed by his confidence- he even let Skye take his toy away from him.  By all accounts he is ready to find a forever home.

Still can't quite figure out the sprinkler...

In fact, I already have two interested families- both with similar aged pit bulls.  We are hoping to set up a meet and greet with those families here at the house, where the dogs can interact off leash after being introduced.  Since Sinatra isn't being fostered through a rescue or shelter, this whole process is up to me.  A few pit bull rescues in the area have him listed to help advertise him, which has been a huge help, because how do you spread the word about a dog that can't go out and meet people?  I can't parade him around, I don't have the ability to put him on Petfinder, and blogging can only help so much.  However, if you are in New England- please pass this on!  Sinatra will go home with free training for life from (you guessed it) me!

All you foster-folks out there- any other ideas for getting this guy's name in lights?  I'm a little stumped, so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

To end, here is a short video of what happens when you take one swampy stream and add two excited pit bulls.  Enjoy!


  1. I so wish I could have Sinatra. He's beautiful! Unfortunately, my Titan is a one pit guardian. Good luck placing him! :-)

  2. Where are you located? I run a pit bull group on Livejournal and would be happy to spread the word on there. :)

  3. WOW that run through the stream looks like fun!

  4. O my God! That's so exciting! He is a beautiful man and will make some family very lucky. Its great that you have two interested applicants already. Best of luck with them--tell us how they work out!

  5. He is so handsome, and we hope he has a good home. I think your blog and facebook can help spread the word. What area do you live in?

  6. Sinatra is a total cutie pie and I am sure his forever home is out there. Hopefully one of the two you are already in communication with will be the one. (That blanket thing is precious, BTW!)

  7. Hes so cute! I am sure he will be snapped up soon!


  8. Thanks for the encouragement guys! We live right on the coast on the Massachusetts/New Hampshire line. But Vermont and Connecticut are fairly close, and Maine is even closer, so we're advertising far and wide for Sinatra!

  9. What a cutie pie, we have a feelin' that he will find his forever home real soon :)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  10. I know you will find him a great home...with that face AND free training, who could resist?


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