Monday, October 24, 2011

See Ya Later Sinatra!

I am so happy to announce that my big headed dummy foster man dog Sinatra is currently snoozing away in his forever home!

I brought him to a potential adopters house on Sunday afternoon.  Sinatra was a little freaked out by all the newness- he hasn't been out and about all that much with the whole rabies thing.  I was hesitant to leave him that day, just because he was so clearly uncomfortable (even though it was our second meeting), but I really love his new family.  His stuff was all set up, and their daughter was already making his bed in his crate with his little ducky toy, so I figured it was worth a try.  This morning I had this e-mail waiting for me:

Hi Jenny!
So I wanted to give you an update. :) And it's a good one!! I totally cannot find my camera, or else I'd send you pictures. He is doing GREAT. Absolutely GREAT. The minute he and Bentley were in the house together, they were a-okay. Tasha, too!

OH, I should also mention, we decided to rename him. We read somewhere that it's a positive thing to change a dog's name when introducing him to his new home, and since you said he's only been Sinatra a little while, we've started calling him "Blue." :)

He's still a little confused I think, so he's not playing and being his WHOLE self just yet, but he seems to be coming around. He follows me around right on my heels--which I love. We all went on a walk last night and this morning and he really enjoyed checking out the neighborhood. Thanks for the feeding tip! Bentley ate his dinner and breakfast right when I put the bowl down, and Blue was happy in his crate. (The kids are leaving him be when he's in it now!)

My personal favorite thing to do right now is 'trick time!' Blue and Bentley (my B bears!) do their tricks in unison for treats, it's so neat!

Anyway, what more good news to give? Oh, Blue slept in bed with us last night. Bentley too--it wasn't as bad as you think, sticking two dogs between us, haha. Maybe we should upgrade to a King. :) I just made sure Blue had his snuggle blanket and everyone was happy.

Bentley IS a little pouty right now, so I do plan on taking him out by himself. Last night he took a ride with me to the store to assure him a little. But all is going well, I believe! Thank you SO much Jenny, we just love him. He's a great addition to our family already.

What can I say? I'm a proud Momma.  My little guy is all grown up!  Other than Parker and Skye, I've never fostered a dog that was such a good fit I would consider keeping him, so Sinatra was a little harder to give up than usual.  I will say that Parker and Skye are happy to have the quiet (and free access to toys and bones!), but there's something special about two pitties under one roof.  I'm sure I'll be doing it again before long.

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  1. CONGRATS SILLY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Yay for Sinatra (Blue :)! Sounds like he's found a wonderful new home!

    The Road Dogs

  3. CONGRATS SINATRA/BLUE! So exciting!

  4. YaY fur Sinatra!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Aww YEA!!! Congratulations Sinatra! I mean Blue!! Absolutely wonderful!!! Ya know, my Titan sleeps with us in bed. I know a lot of people are against it but I love cuddling with Titan. The hubs & I had to upgrade to a king so the 3 of us could sleep comfortably! haha Anywho....that's sooooo awesome!!! Yippee!!

  6. Oh, good for him! I'm so glad it all worked out; he is one lucky dog to have come all this way from where he first started. THANK YOU for sticking by him!

    I do need to tell you that I have a knot in my stomach knowing that his sweet face will be missing from your blog [sigh]...bye, bye, Blue. :)

  7. Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations, Blue! You will be missed but we wish you a lifetime of happiness with your new family.

  8. That's so fantastic! Congratulations!!

  9. Wooohooo!! Thanks so much for making sure this guy got the chance at happiness that he deserves!!

  10. Great news for Mr. Blue! Looks like he found the perfect home.

  11. Wonderful update. Sounds like Blue has found his perfect forever home.


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