Saturday, October 1, 2011

That's My Girl. Sadly.

Yesterday Parker was oh so helpful in explaining Skye's upcoming birthday bash.  He even included some... er... pretty pictures of his sister Skye to motivate you guys to come by.  Well today I'll be taking things to a whole new level.

A coworker asked if she could do a photo shoot with Parker and Skye a few weeks back, and they were clearly not at their most attractive.  She gave me a lot of really beautiful shots, as well as the "bloopers" that she couldn't stop laughing about.  Here they are, along with a few more ideas about how to join our birthday bash on Thursday...

Diva dog.

Do you love to bring a gift to a party?  Are you bummed that you can't give Skye something wrapped in a bow?  Well no worries.

Since Skye has had a number of medical problems, she has been very sympathetic to Miss Ginger Rogers, an elderbull over at Our Waldo Bungie.  Poor Ginger has a few medical needs that have to be seen to so that she is as adoptable as possible, and so her future family will be able to enjoy her sweet personality without financial worry.  So right now that are taking donations and selling some great homemade sweaters for Ginger's medical bills, and Skye would love it if you'd donate to them for her birthday!

How do I get this leaf off my tongue?

Are you a party animal?  Do you love to dress up and get in touch with your inner wolf?  Skye, Parker, Kona, and I will be playing dress up aaaallllll day.  Formal wear, costumes, who knows what kind of craziness we'll come up with?  If that sounds like a blast to you, join us!  Dress up and take some pictures to show us- we may even come up with a prize for the best costume.

And obviously you will need something tasty to eat.  Cake, cookies, and delicious dog treats will all be on the menu over here.  Do you have any fun recipes you can share?  We trust your ability to taste test for us- we aren't picky!

To be honest, Skye's birthday is made up.  Her age was estimated by a vet, and we went from there.  With Parker in September and my birthday in November, we decided to put her in the middle.  And 6 is my favorite number.  So it is a special day indeed- but more importantly, it is a day to celebrate the journey that many dogs take.  From alone, hungry, and scared to a life of comfort and care with people who love them enough to pick a day out of the year just for them.

So join us on Thursday to celebrate Skye and adopted dogs the world over!  Doesn't this face just scream "Party Girl"?

All photos copyright Meghan Taylor Photography


  1. I think that face says day-after-party girl. Happy Birthday, Skye!

  2. Happy birthday Skye:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  3. PARTAY! PARTAY! Looking good Skye. :)

  4. Thanks for sharing Ginger's story! We'll be sure to post some photos of Ginger, Turk, and Rufus all dressed up for Skye's birthday! :)

  5. Awww Skye's beautiful - amazing photos! Love the second to last one! Happy Birthday to her :-)


  6. Love the photos, and Happy Birthday! That is so, so nice to share your gifts to help Ginger!

  7. I love, love that second photo and caption! :) I think I will have the image of Skye with a leaf stuck to her tongue seared into my brain for all time. :)

    Can't wait for all the birthday surprises! JF and Dewi are conspiring a little something.

    And those sweaters for Ginger (and Ginger) are adorable. It's for times like these that I wish my two didn't have so much fur. :(

  8. All my pups have made up birthdays :)


  9. Happy Birthday Skye! Can't wait for the pawty Thursday!

    yuki and rocket


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