Monday, January 30, 2012

Sometimes Sticks Death You Back

The culprit:

The victim:

Skye has never met a stick she couldn't death.  In fact, like Ginger Jr (who was adopted!) and Stevie Wonder the original dealer of death, Skye takes it as her civic duty to turn eeeevil sticks into wood chips.  So when she saw that stick mocking her down the path, she had to teach it a lesson.

Of course, Skye has always been better at speeding up than slowing down, and about 3 feet away I realized what was about to happen.  Boy, did she let out a cry!  Luckily, this eeeevil stick wasn't all that sharp, and Skye just had a little bump to remind her that some sticks need to be approached with caution.

All I can say is this stick will not be poking dogs any more.

Some sticks are harder to death than others.  But in the end, a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do.



  1. Those sticks are so eeeeeeeevil! I'm glad Skye was able to power through and death it despite the initial sneak attack!

  2. I'm glad she is okay! I know a dog who needed 9 stitches in his chest from running into a stick, which cut a big jagged wound across his chest, leaving a triangle of flapping skin (not that the dog noticed- typical Lab).

  3. Reminds me of people saying "you're gonna poke your eye out with that" as kids

  4. What a FUN and AMUSING story, Jenny!! ;op
    I am GLAD, too, that Skye SURVIVED that "eeeevil" stick!! ;-}

  5. HAHAHA! Zoe has been known to pick up fallen tree branches and try to walk with them and then eat them.

  6. Sticks are good. We love the last picture
    Benny & Lily

  7. Skye I'm glad you are ok. I just love that last picture victory. Beautiful!!!

  8. Maisie is also highly committed to deathing all sticks she encounters, big or small. what is with these crazy pitties? ;)


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