Saturday, January 21, 2012

What Do You Do in the Snow?

I've missed the snow.  You may have noticed my general complaints that it hasn't snowed here in New Hampshire, which is beyond weird.  Luckily, we now have snow.

The first day was great- the dogs were nuts about it!  But then it snowed again.

Parker Paws

Skye paws

And again.  And again.  It has snowed every day this week.  Thank you, Mother Nature.  Wish granted.  Please stop.

Today was cold and blustery, with lots of white flakes falling from the sky.  I recently purchased some great coats that fit Parker and Skye really well, which they have been wearing on our walks. Skye normally opposes all clothing and I used to agree with her.  But Parker is King of the Dingleberries, and anything below freezing sends Skye into convulsions- so we adjusted.

Our walk today taught me a few things.  First- Parker may need booties.  I keep his legs and feet cut short in the winter to prevent them from getting so covered in ice that they stick together (which has happened).  But he still only made it 30 minutes before he was walking on ice balls.

Skye wore her pink hoodie with the new coat over that with minimal argument and no shivering!  So she seems to be all set, but Parker still needs help.

Do your dogs were clothes?  Why?  Anyone used booties before?  He hates having his feet handled, so I'm expecting some protest, but it would be worth it if I don't have to carry him back to the car!


  1. Koira wears coats, sweatshirts, and booties happily in cold weather. Pallo looks depressed if I try to put clothing on him, and booties on Pallo are more of a party entertainment than actual helpful for his feet.

  2. My dogs both wear heavy fleece coats when the weather is cold - most greyhound adoption groups encourage you to have coats for them because they don't have the body fat to keep their own heat in.

    I haven't gone with booties, but I am seriously considering it. Our most recent walk in the snow was an exercise in frustration, as every few feet one of them or the other was sadly holding a paw up for me to clean the snow pack out for them before we could even consider moving on. LOL.

  3. I love Skye's hoodie! And yes, I have a nice coat (similar to the ones your pups are sporting) for Rufus. He has a hoodie as well, but he seems to be uncomfortable in it on walks - something about his belly being uncovered works better for him. I also purchased booties, but have yet to try them...we'll see how that goes, haha.

  4. Hi Y'all,

    I don't wear clothes or boots. However, K has worn boots (Romping and Rolling in the Rockies) and search dogs use them. The boots are greatly improved over earlier ones. All Dog Boots has a varied selection of different types.

    Y'all come bacl now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. We think mom wanted to carry you back to the car
    Benny & Lily

  6. Molly wears a hoodie layered under an insulated coat which sounds like the setup Skye has, and it works great. We have tried different booties but haven't got a decent fit so if you find something that actually fits well please let us know!! Poor Brodie hasn't acquired a jacket yet but seems to be just fine as long a we are moving along quickly :) Enjoy the snow!!

  7. We wear coats, hoodies, sweaters, rain coat, and we have tried booties but they just wont stay on. We've yet to find a bootie that actually fits a doggie foot.

    Skye I like your pink hoodie.


  8. Hey! Zoe wears lots of clothes, and actually enjoys wearing them. She has thin fur, and gets cold super easily, so clothes are a must. I just wrote about it here:

    :) Good luck! And Skye looks adorable in her pink hoodie.

  9. Have you tried Mushers Secret for Parker's paws? Our pittie Beau swears by it! He also loves wearing clothes. To the point where he goes and sits next to the hooks where his sweaters and coats hang, asking us to put something on him. Weirdo!

  10. We don't have to worry about snow but we picked up booties for our guy with sensitive pads for hiking--tried them out this weekend, huge fail, didn't stay on. We got a tip from a fellow hiker however that buying the shoes from the sporting goods store is better than buying the shoes from the pet store. I had heard that before. I had been so excited for a deal, but I guess we need to buckle down and pay for something better quality.

  11. No snow for us... until we move back to AK

    Stop on by for a visit


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