Saturday, February 11, 2012

Going for a Walk

This week on my day off I decided to do something with my dogs that we rarely do.  Go for a walk. 

Sure, we exercise a lot, but I prefer off leash walks by far.  The dogs can run like maniacs, I have my hands free, and we all have a grand ol' time.  But I needed to put out some business cards in a local "city" (in New Hampshire, anything with buildings close to each other and no farms is a city), so I figured the pups and I could practice leash manners while taking in the local color.

Yup.  Definitely in NH.

Skye hates leash walks, so she made sure to look extra unhappy in all her pictures.

Keep that camera out of biting range Mom.

If Skye didn't hate leash walks to begin with, she still would have hated this one.  Sweatshirt, Easy Walk Harness, and Waist Leash.  Fail, Fail, Fail. 

We did get to meet a shop dog with some friendly advice for dogs on the street. Or at least for their humans...

"Scoop the poop"

If nothing else, at least Parker got to pee on a few signs and gain some new territory.

First the stop sign, then the world!

For the most part, I had a good time.  But no one wanted to pet Skye even with her sweatshirt and her polite behavior.  I'll have to break out the fairy wings next time!

Excuse me?  Fairy wings?

You can just leave me here, thanks.  I'm sure these nice rich people would love to adopt me.


  1. Skye you can walk on over here and we will gladly pet you, hug you, smooch you and play fun games. Don't let ignorant people spoil the wonderful time the three of you had.


  2. I'd pet you for sure, if Maisie would let me! ;)

  3. Poor Skye. Next time you should walk at our house. The Mama would LOVE to pet you and maybe give you a snack. You too Parker. And you could take off that crappy leash and play in the yard with us. I hate leash walks too.

  4. I'd love to pet Skye! I hope you don't mind this, but any time I've shared your blog with friends of mine I always call them, My Favorite "Unlikely" Duo.

  5. We never run off leash except in a fenced yard. Mom is afraid, nutty
    Benny& Lily

  6. Oh man, I'd be the first person in line to pet Skye! She looks adorable in that pink sweatshirt! New Hampshire is so beautiful... I haven't been there in years. I wish that we had space where it was safe to do off-leash walks...but in Chicago, there's just no way.

  7. Nobody wanted to pet Skye, because she is a Pit Bull.... And people are afraid of that breed. Sadly.... Pit bulls have such a negative reputation no thanks to local media!! :-(
    I appreciate how you advocate for this breed, Jenny.... With your words.... On "Of Pit Bulls & Patience"!!

  8. I seriously love that picture of the shark! Skye has some good eye contact going on there!

  9. My favorite thing is seeing everyone's walks in their cities. I'm so surprised Skye didn't get more pets. Love the pink hoodie!

  10. Here's a virtual hug for Skye and Parker. And a kiss. xo

  11. I would so rather do the off leash thing with my pups too

    Stop on by for a visit

  12. If I'd been in your town that day, I would have been delighted to pet Skye... and her bud.

  13. Aww, I would pet and hug Skye, she seems so sweet! And Parker of course = )

  14. I live in Dover and would totally snuggle on your pups if I saw them :) Skye is so pretty!!!


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