Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's That Time Again!

Training Time!

This is school vacation week.  That means a kennel full of dogs that want to be trained!

Sprite.  How cute is she??

Gunner- the serious one.

Gracie- the less serious one...
Gracie and Gunner began training with me almost exactly one year ago!

Bear gets a little too nippy when he plays... he does have a giant mouth!

The biggest challenge of my week?

Logan the Lhasapoo? 

Little Logan.  His owner's priority for training is: teaching him his name, basic manners, and not jumping and grabbing their clothes.  Oh, and he growls when he eats.


Little Logan is food aggressive.  At 6 months old, he is completely prepared to bite and do damage if you mess with his food.  He's been like that since they got him from the pet store, and they thought it was normal for dogs to do that.  So my priority has changed.  Logan is very smart and learned his basics quickly,  so we are focusing on loving people near his food.  We're playing a modified version of the Trade Up Game - just like Sinatra!

I'll have to let you know how it goes...

Mom has abandoned me here.  In day camp.  I don't think I'll survive!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous dogs! Looking forward to hearimg more about your training adventures. :) Want to come to Chicago and teach Zoe how to stop resource guarding!?

  2. Once my niece decided to go over Trinity's head while she was eating her dinner (of course in a 3yr old's mind that was the logical way to get to her spot at the dinner table) and Trinity just kept eating :D. I know it's hard for dog's to not resource guard once they have become successful at it. Good luck! I know he's in good hands!

  3. Any tips on how to keep a dog from being too mouthy?? Our current foster leads with her mouth, and can bite down really hard when playing with our pup - Rufus is a grumpy but gentle soul, and he takes it very personally :(

  4. Oh my goodness what cute faces
    Benny & Lily

  5. Skye looks so relaxed ! The lhasapoo is a cute little bundle of carpe.. I mean fur =P

  6. Love the zen picture at the end. Just enjoying the sun!

  7. Ooooh, interesting! Are you going to do a "trade" with food? Or offer "higher value" food for not growling? SO interested! Keep us updated :)

  8. Oh Skye...I never tire of your beautiful face!

  9. Sprite is adorable

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. rocket was food aggressive when i first got him and he's soooo much better now since i've been teaching him how to share. i love the german shepherd!!! reminds me of my childhood dog.

  11. Awwww.... Logan is a very adorable, beautifully unique mixed breed!! Have no worries.... You will train him!! ;op
    I love the picture of Skye lounging in your chair.... Too cute!! ;-D

  12. Skye we have the same blankie. Mine is green on one side and sherpa on the other too. Cool!



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