Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Walks

Lately I've been bringing the dogs on a lot of leash walks.  Normally, Parker is the only one who enjoys a leash walk; Skye hates restricted freedom and the slow pace, and I hate juggling all the stuff that is involved in a leash walk.

So why the heck are we going on so many?

One reason is that it's good for business.  Parker and Skye are very well behaved on walks, and we get a lot of attention for their manners and opposite looks.  I can park my car in a more public area, so the magnets with my business info can be seen by more people and fewer woodland creatures.  Also, I can occasionally bring up that I am a dog trainer when I'm complimented on Parker and Skye's good behavior.

See?  Packed with people...

The other reason is that I'm jealous.  That's right, I said it.  I love seeing all the dog walking groups that other bloggers enjoy so much and darn it, I want to go too!  There is only one dog walking group in my general area, and they don't allow pit bulls.  Which, ya know, is sort of a problem...

Art reflecting life... reflecting art?

In our area there are very few places to go where you know dogs will not be off leash.  It's the country- we don't follow the rules.  Starting a walking group is definitely something I've considered, but the logistics in this area are tough.  Plus, I train all weekend, so my schedule doesn't match up with many others.  Instead, I've been walking with some clients whose dogs are leash-reactive, but who have come a long way in the training process.  We walk together so that Parker and Skye can head off any loose dogs, and it's good practice.

Note:  The horse is not leash reactive.

All in all, Skye and I would take an off leash walk any day.  Or every day.  But it's fun to hit the rail trail every once in a while to see the new art, flaunt my angelic dogs, and help some people socialize in a controlled setting.  Now I just need to find 10 other pit bulls to join me!

First the bow tie, now this?

Definitely art imitating life.   I think...


  1. Can you take a trip and come walk with my leash reactive dogs? =)
    I'm sure their opposite looks do get a lot of attention! I always think it's very cute, I love the pictures of the two of them together.
    Also that makes me sad that the only dog walking group in your area doesn't allow pits. Have you ever made contact with anyone in the group? Is that the only restricted breed or are there more?

  2. Love, love, love the pictures!! They are just so dang cute, I cant stand it :)

  3. Hm... I'm about 45 min away from you and can add between 0.75-1.5 pitbulls to your pack. (Mutts. Ya never know.) I can think of 3 other bloggers in Massachusetts, but we're pretty spread out.

  4. I would LOVE to be apart of a dog walking group and am also VERY jealous of the dog walking groups I see in the blog community. I try to find ones in my area but all i can come up with is someone who wants to walk my dog for me which is not what I'm looking for. I also live in Mass. Rebelwerewolf is right were all pretty spread out :(

  5. mom said something about no place on earth where we will be off leash...whatever..we love your posing pictures with all those cool things
    Benny & Lily

  6. I hope you find some companionable walkers in your area. Do you have Craigslist?

    Either way, it looks like you have some fun places to walk.

  7. I totally get wanting to leash walk, haha! In the summer I will coerce Adam to find a new place where the dogs have to be on leash just so we can try something new, and I am also super jealous of dog walking groups! There is one in our area but guess what? They walk at the off leash park, thus defeating the purpose of controlled socialization. Sigh.

  8. Makes me wish I got out and explored more. I have a little time before the heat becomes unbearable

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. the last pic is amusing XD! Dog walking groups don't exist here in Malaysia! I wish they do =/ I totally wont mind walking with Skye!

  10. Great pictures, the art reflecting life and vice versa. Sad to read that the dog walk group doesn't allow pitbulls. Maybe your plan to start your own group will work, why not try? As a dog trainer, you already have many contacts I assume to start with, I assume. One possible downside: you may end up giving dog training advice during all walks... (I've been a APDT dog trainer in The Netherlands and walked with a group..). Best wishes, Karen @ personalized dog collars

  11. Hmmm I tried posting this earlier but maybe my work blocked the post. I live in Dover and also find it hard to find a dog walking/hiking group. The only one I know of seemed to be people much older than me. My dog isn't a pit bull, but we love them. If you ever want to chat about starting a group, email me!

  12. Great pictures!! I love the one of Parker sitting on that train!! He is such an adorable, BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE Schnauzer mix!! ;op
    It would be hard to own a Pit Bull.... So many people discriminate against them!! :-(

  13. How far are you from Somersworth? I have a friend who would totally come join your group (she doesn't have a dog, but I bet she'd be able to get a shelter dog to bring with her). You can start your own walking group!

  14. Irony Dog walking group doesn't allow the Pit Bull who is a well behaved boy on his walks. I really enjoyed the Pics of Furbabies and Art.

  15. Great sculptures on your walkie! Luved em :D

    Just caught up on your last few posts. Great Q and A's! Very interesting to read :D So glad Skye's health is greatly improved :)

    Waggin at ya,


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