Monday, April 2, 2012

Why is Parker so Awesome?

Somehow my Mommy didn't expect this questions to come up.  Seriously?  How could it not!  She asked all our blogging admirers  fans   friends if they had any questions we could answer.  This is clearly the most important question of all!  I was not always this amazing, handsome, and intelligent.  As a young pup I was wild and had no sense of personal hygiene.

Notice how hard (future) Mommy had to squeeze me so I stayed still?

Like many young, wild bachelors I had no boundaries.  I lived by my own rules- I was an island.  But as I got older, I started to realize that being an island isn't all that much fun.  My skin was itchy and no one would pay attention to me!  This wouldn't do, but I didn't know how to change things.  Then Mommy came and took me home with her.

Me with my first foster puppy, Rufus.

Gosh did things change.  I lost my yucky hair, my man business, and my attitude.  Mommy used delicious food to help me learn the human language and suddenly, I wasn't an island!  I understood what humans meant when they said 'sit' and 'dance'- I'd call this my anagnorisis.  Or that's what Google would call it.  Either way, I learned how to connect.  In time, I learned how to use this power to take over the world.

You may kiss my paws.

Okay, okay, Parker is done talking now.  Up until the end there he was pretty much correct.  When I got Parker he knew nothing, but I quickly discovered that he is a trainer's dream dog.  You ask him, he'll do it to the best of his ability.  He has an incredible desire to please me and has great instinct when it comes to other dogs.  I use Parker to train shy/fearful dogs as well as aggressive or overbearing dogs because he is sensitive to other dog's behavior.  He doesn't often need to be told what to do, which makes my job so much easier.

Parker also has a superiority complex.  He's sexy and he knows it.  He will walk into a group of large dogs and own the place.  If a dog is bullying another dog, he will go in there and tell that bully what's up.  In social settings he is rarely intimidated, but will play submissively with dogs he has a relationship with.

Plus he's a chick magnet.

Now, I'm not saying Parker is perfect, though he may think so.  He's afraid of plastic bags, flies, loud noises, and being away from me.  Like any great character, he's flawed.  He hates to be groomed, will not let people pick him up if they aren't in the family, is obsessed with cats, barks way too much, and likes to roll in nastiness that he finds in the woods.  But unlike Skye, he is very much in tune with me and is mortified if I ever get frustrated with him. 

I almost didn't take Parker in the first place because I thought he would be too much work.  But he is one of those rare 'easy' dogs that don't come around too often.  He's my soul dog.


  1. Loved hearing more about Parker - he looks adorable in that "chick magnet" shirt!

  2. He sounds a lot like Franklin. We almost didn't adopt him because he seemed like too much work, and has turned out to be the easiest dog around.

  3. Ah, thanks for featuring my question! What a great dog - I am not usually a "little dog" person, but he just seems so wonderful and tolerant. Also, he's such a cute fluffball!

  4. Very good. Parker reminds me of my Rose, in that she is obedient, and submissive.... Rose also hates it whenever I am frustrated.... She needs firm, patient tones, but definitely no yelling!! (Not that I ever do!!) ;-}
    Okay. Now I have a question!! Here goes.... Is Parker a Schnauzer/Poodle cross, by any chance? What an adorable, BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE mixed breed you own!! ;op

  5. you sure are awesome :)

    Stop on by for a visit


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