Monday, June 11, 2012

When Insecurity meets Impulsivity

You get Lucy.  Actually, you get many dogs.  They appear overconfident, rushing into situations or reacting without thinking.  In Lucy's case, charging dogs and playing too rough without an 'off switch.'  And chasing cars in and out of the driveway.  And jumping around guests barking. And beating up her mellow lab sister.

Her owner described Lucy as too confident, but after 3 days here at the Training House it is clear that the opposite is true.  Lucy is desperate for affirmation; she wants guidance and feedback.  At almost 2 years old, Lucy will often act impulsively.  This is especially true when Skye is swimming or running about like a wild thing.  Lucy will rush in to nip her butt or try and push her down.  You can imagine how Skye responds to that behavior (hint: not like the mellow lab). 

Lucy's family has been treating her like a dog whose confidence is endless.  Their strategy has been to discourage her bad behavior and attempt to contain her big personality.  Really, though, who wouldn't?  The behavior you see would give you that impression in a heartbeat.  Going into the board and train, I did not have 'confidence-building' on my to-do list.  Now it's right there at the top.  Nothing makes Lucy happier than knowing exactly when you want her to do in a given situation.  Rather than chase Skye down like a banshee out of hell, come to me and get some love.  She plays so well when you check her in intense moments, greets well if you pace her, and would rather chase a toy than a car.

Spring from WooTube anyone?

I'm excited to see how far we get in a week.  So far, the clicker training, exercise, and clear boundaries has made Lucy a much more relaxed dog.  She has a lot of Skye in her, so living with her has not been a huge adjustment.  Now I just need to polish up that house training.  She has an affinity for peeing on rugs after going outside. 


And what better time to get on a house training routine, since my little pal is coming tomorrow!! Coco the Silky Terrier is now Pez.  He will get a new name for a new phase of his life- one that doesn't include pee pads or running away.  He will certainly be a training challenge, but I'm so excited to have Pez come to stay for the foreseeable future!


  1. Oh how we wish you lived in KY............So happy that Lucy is coming around! Pez looks like a cutie patootie & we LOVE the bow tie!

  2. Very nice to see you take time with these pups
    Benny & Lily

  3. Lucy is lucky to have you to help her owners figure out what she really needs!


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