Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beat the Heat

I know we in New England can't complain about the current heat.  Many of you are in much warmer temperatures than Parker, Skye, Pez and I.  Still, there have been a few days that it's just too hot for our afternoon adventure. 

So how do we stay busy?

A scavenger hunt!

Take two parts kibble, one part dry treats, and one part cheese.

Mix until confusing.

Scatter around the yard- make sure to have some easy to find and a few tough ones.

Then release the hounds!


Izzy was by far the most... motivated.

Good find by Sadie

All that sniffing really does tire them out.  Which is good, because movement of any kind is not on my agenda. 

Do you have any ways to tire out your pups when the weather is not on your side?


  1. I like to make pupsickles. I put their favorite treats in a water dish and cover with hot water and then freeze. They lay outside in the heat tryign to figure out how to eat the treat. Keeps them hydrated and wears them out

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  2. I do that too sometimes. I used to do it indoors, but things got a bit overly exciting with Mango flying around and knocking into things and Dexter trying to grab the noms while avoiding jaws of doom. Now I just toss handfuls in various spots around the yard and let the good times roll.

    Mango Momma

    P.S. So what if it is hotter in other parts of the country? This is New England, dammit, not supposed to be jungle hot for days on end.

  3. This is too cute! I love the photos of them really intensely looking. This is such a great idea!

  4. We play hide and seek inside the a/c. :) I make the dogs stay and then I go hide. They race to find me and whoever gets there first gets the treat. It's a great way to work on stays too.

  5. We do scavenger hunts too. And Honey also likes Nose Work games where we'll hide one treat on a floor of the house for her to sniff out. It's very tiring.

    Another favorite hot day treat is wading in the local river. Even the warm water can bring your body temp down a bit.

    Glad you're not suffering from the heat too much. We in upstate NY are also lucky compared to people only a few hours away.

  6. Lately having two foster "puppies" is the best way to tire the others out--they do the work for us. Your scavenger hunt idea is cute!

  7. My dogs like ice cubes in a bowl...they have to try and fish them out, but they'll go through 2 dozen in no time and I've got the old fashion ice cube trays!

  8. We love to go swimming at the lake. Tess can get tuckered out in about 15 minutes chasing a stick out and back in the water. Most days it is almost too hot to even step foot outside though. Luckily my pups have been ok chilling on the couch and watching tv in the air conditioning for the most part :)

  9. I do this! This is why I like to keep my tiny "backyard" free of poops -- because then I can just toss a handful of food out there and it keeps them looking for 20 or so minutes. A great way to get a moment of peace and entertain them :)

  10. I have a little puzzle toy that Delilah got last year for Christmas and I can hide goodies in it so she can do nosework.

    Since both dogs like baby carrots I also sometimes use the great carrot hunt game inside the house. It is very similar to your game except it is done in the house!


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