Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful For...


Just kidding!  But blogger refuses to let me load any more photos without paying for an upgrade.  Not happening!  

So, until I find a solution for this silliness, here are some oldies but goodies!

We are thankful for our trips to the park

For shenanigans at the beach

  For situations that Parker finds embarrassing 

For the alligator smile

For situations that Parker finds embarrassing

And embarrassing Parker.

For Poobulls

For my odd couple

For anything that embarrasses Parker

Skye too.


  1. Blogger did that to me too. I ended up paying for the upgrade, then ended up using Flickr for all my pictures anyway, so basically wasting the money.

    But, you might try out Flickr. You can upload photos there, then add them into your posts using the HTML code. Pretty simple. There is a limit to how many pictures you can upload to Flickr each month without paying for "pro" though.

  2. Love the buried in the sand photo

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. These photos are awesome! I didn't realize blogger has a limit, I'm shocked I haven't reached it! Just to add you can get a free photobucket account and upload unlimited photos and videos(unlike Flickr-boo), I use it as an online back-up for all of mine:)

  4. I got around the Blogger limit by opting to connect my blogger account to a brand new Google+ account. I never use G+ for whatever it actually is -- just to store an unlimited amount of photos. :)

  5. So funny! Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful turkey day
    Benny & Lily

  6. Ha! Marvelous photos from your archives! :D I am thankful you shared them :D Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Oh Parker, I love you! Also I'm totally going to have nightmares about that poo-bull :( :( That picture is horror movie creepy! haha. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Love your "odd couple"! We have one too (pittie and a puggle). And I too am annoyed with blogger and refuse to upgrade. Might try that Google+ workaround someone else mentioned. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I didn't know that could happen! I thought it'd just always be free.
    Isn't embarrassing our dogs the best??? Especially when they are so cute.


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