Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Have you hugged your pit bull today?
Skye made sure I was aware of her every chance she got today, including right now.  I'm trapped under her snoring, twitchy little body as she once again finds the warmest possible sleeping spot.  I'll be honest, I love that about her. We typically go hiking on Saturdays, but Skye and I had a long day yesterday, so we celebrated her beautiful breed by staying home.  Last night she accompanied me to a youth group event at church for the first time.  I'm one of the lucky leaders of 20-40 middle and high school students, and last night we had a game night/bonfire.  True to her breed, Skye endured (and enjoyed) 4 hours of human mauling.  Kids picked her up, dragged her around, and slipped her hot dogs when they thought I wasn't looking.  I'm fairly certain Skye thought it was Christmas, and best of all I got to replace a lot of stereotypes in one blow.  Every student gushed to their parents, dragging them over and throwing themselves on my sweet dog.  Now she has a fan following and an open invite to all youth group events.  Good dog.

I'll keep it short from the human end, but thought in light of Pit Bull Awareness Day I would post some pictures of the pits I've been lucky enough to foster and rehome.  I miss them all, but love that they have families of their own, and a chance at great lives.  Let's start with....
 Diamond came to the shelter with her puppies, who were quickly adopted.  Her high energy and prey drive made her harder to adopt, but being fostered and learning basic obedience helped her immensely.
 This 80 lb lug was such a gentle giant, and was adopted by a great woman who had already adopted one pit from us.  Now his name is Walter :D
 Gracie had major skin issues and was not happy around other animals.  But she was such a goof, and went to a home with lots of grand kids to play fetch with her.
Lola was a very long term foster, who was impulsive and insecure.  She needed a home that would never compromise her fragile trust, and eventually she found them.  She is their 3rd daughter (the only one with 4 legs) and is treated like a princess.

aaaaaaand Skye!!
 After 9 fosters and 5 pits, Skye was the one that stuck around for good.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for floppy lips and silly antics that come standard with any pit.  Make sure to hug yours today!


  1. Wow, what a great looking group of fosters. Now I can see how truly special Skye is to have found her forever home with you.

  2. Gorgeous dogs, all. I hope you don't mind I mentioned your site on my blog in honour of the day!

  3. Thank you and thank you! It's great to find so many like-minded people out there- it makes me feel like our precious pits really are making a come back.

  4. Thanks for finding my blog - it's nice to meet another pit bull lover. Skye is awesome, and Parker is adorable (and unlike any other small dog I have met!)

  5. I love your blog! I promised myself a long time ago if I ever ended up with a Blue Pit Bull I'd name it Skye - it's always been my dream - you beat me to it! She's absolutely gorgeous. Don't you just love those goofy silly faces they make?

  6. These pitties are beautiful. Please join my FB and share your thoughts and your babies! It's lovemypittie on FB. Cute pix!


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