Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a Day at the Beach

Do you have cabin fever?

If you live in New England, that is a given.  Snowstorms have become a Tuesday routine, with shoveling being a Wednesday chore.  Parker and Skye are no longer enjoying freshly fallen snow, they actually dread going outside.  We can't go to the park or go hiking, so the only exercise option available is the beach.

I enjoy the beach because:
  • I can play fetch with Skye, and she can't drop the ball in the woods, down a cliff, etc. as she is prone to doing elsewhere.  She has not yet discovered that she can drop it into the ocean, thank goodness.

  • Parker is easier to spot than he is on the snow.

  • I can easily see people and other dogs before they get close.

  • It's just plain beautiful.

 I'm not a fan of the beach because:
  • I don't control the tides.  So if high tide is not at a convenient time, I have about 10 feet of sand to run back and forth on.  Luckily, today was not one of those days, so there is no photo for this point.
  • Parker insists on splashing in the waves, which leads to a funky smelling Parker.  Skye convinces herself that if Parker is doing it, she should too.  Then I end up with a wet, cold, and very unhappy pit bull.

In the end, I'm just happy we have a place to go where they can run.  So here is my question for you- how are you tiring your pooches out?  Or do your dogs have the magical ability to slow down in the winter, and simply don't need as much exercise?  If that is the case you can still tell me, but I promise I'll be very jealous.  I still think a lazy pit bull is a myth or a fairy tale.

I am a myth!


  1. Nothing beats the outdoors! We're jealous. All we can do is fine things about the house. I attached things (stuffed animals usually) to string (and rope) and run around in circles through the house like a couple of maniacs.

  2. Mesa LOVES swimming :) She wants us to throw the ball in the ocean over and over and over and over


  3. Billy has two personalities - summertime dog who spends a lot of the time sprawled on the floor and will stagger no more than 10 blocks in the heat; wintertime dog who can't get enough of outside and running and bouncing and barking and prancing and... you get the picture! However, with the snowfall we've had in Chicago I've FINALLY found a wintertime activity that tires him out - running through 2 ft snowdrifts for an hour! Unfortunately with the leash laws around here, I have to do the running with him.

  4. Noelle is the laziest dog I've ever met, so she doesn't need or want much exercise. Remi is 5 years old (senior for a Dane!) so he prefers to nap on the couch most of the time. That just leaves Ziggy. Sigh. Nothing tires him out except a minimum five mile hike. Although we don't have a beach around here, and with all the snow lately we've just had to substitute a lot of indoor exercise with interactive toys and games of fetch. Not that it works. :-)

  5. Haha well it looks like most of us are in the same boat. I tried the stuffed animals on a string (we call it a flirt pole). Parker ran away, and Skye looked very confused by my excitement, then left to find her ball. Alas, that indoor activity was scratched off the list.


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