Friday, February 4, 2011

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Have you ever been sitting around and wondered to yourself, "what is Skye doing right now?"

I'm guessing the answer is "no."  But being snowed in has a way of messing with the heads of both humans and dogs, so let's roll with this theory for a minute.

For example, say you were curious about what Skye and I were up to in the middle of that blizzard Wednesday.  To set this scene up a little, I'll tell you that other than very quick bathroom breaks out in the snow, Skye had been sleeping all day.  Then it was crazy time (aka 3pm) and there was no way we were going anywhere.  So I set up an agility jump (aka a broom and 2 chairs) and played some fetch/relay race/organized chaos in the house.  It looked like this:

If you were wondering what Skye was doing yesterday, she came to work with me.  It was Penn's birthday party (rock star theme), and Skye was nice enough to put on a mullet, a big hat, and smile for the camera.

I had to throw that picture in.  Skye spent most of her time playing in her own special way.  It's a huge improvement to just barking at other dogs, but it's very odd.  She flea bites the cheeks and necks of the few dogs she's comfortable with.  Rascal absolutely loves it, and he'll follow her around and stick his face in front of her mouth.  Can't picture what that looks like?  Let me help....

And what did Skye do today that is worth watching?  I'm glad you asked!  Today Skye had a playing break-through at work.  River, a 7mo old female lab, is insanely mellow for her age, and has a great play style.  Skye likes to chew on her, but after a minute of nibbling, Skye suddenly used her recently discovered play bow and they were off!

It started like this...

Then there was a little bit of that...

And after a looooong time, poor Skye was too tired to keep going, but she sure did try.

I hope that wasn't too much video for you all, and I promise I'll post something of significance soon.  I'm guessing you just learned a whole lot more about my special little pit than you thought possible.  I'm also guessing that if you see us at the park after this, you'll turn and go in the other direction.  And that's ok, because Skye played today!


  1. Your speical little pit is just awesome in our book :)


  2. I love the hat, and the indoor agility course (though I'm not sure if my downstairs neighbor would be a fan).

  3. That is awesome video of her "agility" course with the broomstick. I tried that with a fleece rope toy tied between a toy bin and the futon a long time ago, but Noelle just didn't get it... and Remi won't even step over a string that is is only one inch off the ground. It's not as easy as it looks to teach them that! :-) The playing videos were great too - very interesting play style!


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