Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Things Come in Threes

It seemed like my weekend went in threes.  I met up with my cousin, her dog, and my brother for a dog date.  Three humans, three dogs, and lots of pictures that seemed to form mini trilogies. 

It was a quick walk to the beach...
Let's go!

Eeeevil harness.

I'm Scooter!

Once at the beach, Scooter didn't feel very brave, and he stuck by my cousin the whole time.  FYI, he's a Chinese Crested Powder Puff... with extra powder.

Shhh, I'm hiding!

I can lead the way!

Look! I'm walking away from her!
Skye generally ran around like a wild creature, getting her ball almost as often as she got a mouth full of sand.

Look Mom!  I'm making friends!



Once we returned, my cousin experienced Skye's sneak attack kiss.

I'm sleeping...


I win!

And, finally, Skye found Scooter's stuffed toy and decided to torture it.

Hello new friend...

I'm going to chew your face off.

And I won't feel bad at all.

And where was Parker this whole time?  He felt the need to be a loner, and pretend the rest of us didn't exist.  While there were a few photographic opportunities, this one seemed to capture the whole day.

I am an island.

Once again, I had intended to write a serious post, and I will.  It was kind of a bad week to be Skye, and I'll be sure to form my thoughts on that soon.  For now, though, enjoy part of my warm weekend!


  1. Yay for Pitties and Fluffies!

    BTW, I've had a dream to have a blue Pit Bull named Skye for like ever.

  2. I love-love-love your pictures from the beach — especially since it looks so much like Singing Beach (my usual place).

    And I think it's great how anti-camera Parker was. They do get into those moods, don't they.

  3. Actually, it is Singers Beach (in Beverly). While we don't live around there, my cousin does, and we were down visiting her for the day. Maybe we'll run into you some time!


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