Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sad to be Skye

I'm finally getting around to posting about Skye.  It isn't a fun story, but it's short(ish), and I'll be sure to include some of my favorite Skye pictures to help you along the way.

Last Saturday, Skye slept in after I woke up, which is totally normal for her.  She loooves to snooze under the covers for at least an hour after I'm awake and moving around.


Anyway, Skye finally woke up and came downstairs, and I let her outside.  We've been keeping the gate open as the snow melts, so I always stand at the door just in case she decides to try and wander.  After she did her business, I called her in and she ran back to the house and inside.  She sat for her treat, them BAM!


It was less bam and more of a slow motion sound (whoommm).  She looked at me with panic in her eyes and fell over.  Not seizing, but she couldn't for her life get her legs to do what she wanted.  The whole time she was twisting her body, trying to get her legs back under her, but her eyes never left me, and her expression was clearly saying "WHAT THE FUNK IS HAPPENING?!?"

It only lasted about 20 seconds.  I knelt next to her and stroked her head and chest and talked nice and soothing, and she was able to get back up.  She went right over to her bed and curled up.  She was clearly shaken up, and was shaking a little bit, but otherwise seemed okay.  I checked her over, and the only thing off were her very white gums.

I immediately called my vet, who made me panic by saying it sounded like antifreeze poisoning, but by the time I had even explained the situation, Skye was up and playing with Parker.  He was there when she collapsed, and gave her a thorough sniff over before he started trying to get her to play.  I really love him sometimes.

I've got your back, Mom.
So there was the drama for the day.  Since she was up and seemed normal, my vet said to just monitor her for the day, but rush her over if she does it again.  We're going in next week anyway, so we're planning to do bloodwork to make sure it isn't anything major that might be hiding.  Her gums pinked up after about 3 hours, and she was her normal crazy self, good appetite and all, so I felt a little better.  The vet's guess was she somehow didn't get enough oxygen to her brain (aka forgot to breathe?) and passed out sorta.  Either way, I wanted to keep an extra close eye on her.

Sometimes I do dumb things...
Then, a few days later at work I had a new client come in at random to talk to me, so I put Skye in camp for a few minutes.  Her 2 best buds were there, and she'd been in camp with me all morning already, so I wasn't worried.  My bad.  After 10 minutes, she and her very best bud River got into a scuffle.  I couldn't even believe it- Skye and River?  They played relentlessly all morning and I didn't have to intervene once because they were getting too rough.  Skye has never started a fight, but she does get too worked up when she plays and if you don't tell her to take a break, she inevitably pisses off the other dog.  But there are several dogs that she is wonderful with, and River is one of them.

It turns out there were several dogs harassing River and Skye while they were playing, and no one stepped in to stop it (on the human end).  In camp we don't let third parties interfere, because it can quickly get out of hand for the dogs playing together.  River and Skye were allowed to get too intense, and when Skye snapped at another dog, River took it the wrong way and they got into it.  No injuries or anything, but I hate to see my Skye in any bad situation.  Especially being a pit bull in group play, where every minor issue becomes a big deal.

Then, as if she hadn't had enough trouble, she broke her dewclaw in half doing who knows what on our walk yesterday.  After everything else, I almost lost it seeing blood drip down her paw.  This dog needs to live in a bubble, or else I'll be living in a padded cell somewhere by next week.

 But I love you, Mom
I love you too, Skye.  My special, speeeecial Skye.


  1. awww we just love your pack, skye is bewootiful if we do say so ourselves, the boys are swooning over here in our woggie pibble house. furry nice to meet you by the way. would you like to be our furryends??

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  2. Poor Skye! Mesa passed out once too. Give her kisses for us. Oh, and you only love Parker sometimes? ;)


  3. So bad things come in 3's right? Hopefully that means the streak is over and all can be back to normal.


  4. awwwww not to worry- all isolated incedents.. (how does a dog forget to breathe??) I'm sure she will be just fine- and i loove that picture/caption "sometimes I do dumb things" -thats just like our bruno- who seems to always be eating bad things- like a whole ($30) box of godiva chocolates, a whole bottle of aunt jamima pancake syrup, and a bottle of perscription pills (that night ended in the emergency vets and a big hump of fluids in his back!) oh what silly dogs we have... (and love :))


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