Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Tribute to Me! (and an update under duress...)

Hello blogging world!  Parker here- for the first time ever!  I'm sure you've all been waiting for this moment as long as I have with... anticipation? Trepidation?  Adoration, but that goes without saying.

Mom is allowing me this one opportunity (for now) to write a post, because she is having a baaaaad week.  But of course there are conditions: first and foremost, deliver an update on life outside of little fluffy me.  I guess I can handle that, as long as I can move on to important things after.

On Friday Mom took the annoying little sister somewhere without me!!  Talk about unfair!  But then she came home, and sister-dog wasn't with her!  Mom smelled like the vet, which was gross, but to make it up to me she took me for a walk, just the two of us, and I could pee on anything I wanted.  Mom chatted on the phone about Skye-face getting tested for Addison's blah blah blah and mange.  I could have told her that blue-butt smells like a lot of things, but mange isn't one of them, and neither is Addison's, but she had to wait to hear that from the vet lady later on.  After our walk Mom went and got the sister-creature, and took me with her (good human).  Skye had a whole big bottle of pills to make her skin stop falling off.  Personally, I like when she goes bald, so that everyone realizes who the cute one really is, but Mom keeps talking about auto-immune diseases and other big terms, and I don't like when she's nervous.

Anyway!  I'll just skip the weekend, cause that seemed all kinds of normal to me.  Monday wasn't normal though.  On Monday, Mom left me at work with Baldy Dog, and when she came back she was sad.  She smelled like a different vet, and like Duke the big dog, but all wrong.  Personally, I'm hoping to never smell that again, and I was glad when she took a shower.  She's been hugging me a lot since then, and I'm putting up with it like a good boy, but I'd rather go chew on something. 

And finally (finally!), today I heard Mom talking on the phone- you humans really do love to make noise all the time- to this lady from the shelter.  Another annoying pit bull that I used to allow to play with me, Lola long legs, came back to the shelter again.  Don't tell, but that made me sad too, cause I thought Lola was a stand-up gal when I met her.  But her new owner was a single dad who decided he couldn't devote enough time to Lola.  I'll reserve my opinion on that particular human oddity (any amount of time with your human is enough for us dogs!).  But enough about that stuff, and on to what this post is really about!!

Cute pictures of me!!

This is me resting in my tunnel.
Here is me in a rare moment of frivolity, most likely in order to obtain a tasty-treat.
Mom thinks it is only fair to include a picture of the beast, since people seem to like her.  This is when I like her the most: when only her snoring is bothering me...

Classy, Blue dog.  Real classy.
I'm still cuter.

Well, I suppose I'll stop there.  I just know everyone would love it if I went on and on forever about my cute little face, but I need to cut you off some time.  Mom says that if you guys want, I can be a guest blogger again, but without all the "update" interruptions.  I can promise you that it will be a whole lot more about... well... me!



  1. Parker, you are an excellent writer so I'm guessing there's a good chance you are smarter than your sister.

    Skye, if you are able to distract Parker for a second so he doesn't see this, I can tell you I personally think you are even cuter than your brother...fur or no fur!

    I hope you both give your mom lost of extra lovin' today, she's had a rough week and definitely needs it!


  2. Great that you finally got a chance to post!


  3. You go Parker....nice post for taking over the blog..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Adorable! I just found your blog today, and literally spent hours reading through old posts. Love your dogs, and love your attitude about dog ownership, training, and dog love in general! I'm a foster mom and doggy daycare referee as well. I'm looking into getting certified in training, and your blog inspires me to do so.

    Keep up the cuteness, Parker!

  5. So sorry Mom had a bad week! I know she did her best for Duke. We're crossing our fingers that this thing with Skye is figured out soon. In the meantime, make sure you give Mom lots of snuggles & kisses so she feels better.

  6. Parker, you made me laugh & cry. Tell your Mom that we are sending her good thoughts.

  7. Fantastic post for a first-timer! Keep it coming, Parker!


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