Monday, July 11, 2011

Eeyore and the Wasp

Today I got a panicked call from my mom about 30 minutes after I left to meet a client.  It went something like this...

"Skye was stung by a bee! Her face is swollen!  How do I make it stop?!?!"

"That's a bummer for Skye.  Put some ice on it, and I'll check with the vet."

My mom is an over-exaggerator to the extreme.  So I wasn't too worried.  The vet said to give her Benadryl and call if it wasn't improving in 45 minutes, cause she'd have to go in and get a shot to help.  Which would ruin our 1 week streak without a vet visit.  So I relayed the message to my frantic mother, and started training.

Well an hour later I came home to what my brother called "a much less swollen version of Skye."

HOLY MOTHER OF NOT EXAGGERATING!  Skye was in her happy Benadryl-induced coma, but there is nothing more pathetic than a pit bull that is slowly morphing into a hippopotamus.  I asked Parker and Scooter what happened, but got little out of them.

I never tell a lie.  It was Parker.

When I told her to catch the bug, I didn't think she would listen!

My face is too heavy to hold up.

It turns out this is the little bastard responsible for Skye's current elephantiasis: The white faced wasp:

I prey on innocent pit bulls!
I've decided to rename Skye "Eeyore," as she seems to have a dark cloud over her head these days.  Poor Skye will now be staying home instead of hiking and swimming with F and Bruno today, but I'll make it up to her with tasty food and ice packs.

Also, my brother got a few pictures of Skye before the swelling went down, which I'll share as soon as he sends them to me.  All I can say is that my little Eeyore may be spending the rest of her days in a bubble if this bad luck doesn't run out soon!  I told her, but she was in her happy place and didn't seem to care.



  1. Mesa has terrible reactions to bees.


  2. Awww poor Skye! :( Hope the swelling has subsided by now.

  3. Hi Guys - we made it here! It's lovely to meet you all but so sorry to hear about Skye's troubles, poor thing, that looks awful, still bonus that it's a high treat value sort of problem so get what you can from it Skye ;-) We do hope you are feeling much better by now, from your new buddies Dex and Lou xxx

  4. poor baby!!! Maisie tries to catch/eat bugs out of the sky all the time, thankfully none have been of the stinging variety. yet.

  5. Poor Skye. I hope the swelling is getting better and she gets back to playing soon.

  6. Oh poor baby. Thats what Koira looked like after getting her microchip before I knew she had a metal allergy. Nothing more pathetic than a pit bull with a horribly swollen face.

  7. Poor baby. Hope you feel better. So scary
    Benny & Lily

  8. Oh no! Poor puffy face! Hope she's all better soon. (That wasp is freaky looking. Ewww. Looks like it should be a bad Star Wars character.)

  9. Oh no! She looks so sad and pathetic :o( Poor pooch.

  10. I really do feel sorry for Skye. But, lol, I can't stop laughing at your story for this. Like, I can see the phone call happening in my head and it's hilarious, especially after the first picture lol.

    But I DO hope Miss Skye shrinks down very soon. :)

  11. Oh, that face - adorable, albeit a little puffy! I hope she's better and back to frolicking soon!

  12. Aw poor Skye! I hope shes all better now!

  13. Poor puffy Skye! I hope she's feeling better. Oscar tried to eat a bee once. I'm so glad he missed!

  14. Just finding my way to your blog - love your stories, but I do feel bad about this one!


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