Sunday, July 31, 2011

Help Save Sinatra!

You may have noticed the fancy chip-in thingy on the side of the blog.  I'm taking things into my own hands to save Sinatra, and have permission to board him if I can pay the bill.  For 6 months of boarding, even at the employee rate, I'll need to raise about $1500.  Can you help?  Do you know someone with $10 to spare?  Sinatra deserves to have a future, no matter what happened in his past!

The Chip-in page can be found here. 

If you can't help financially, can you pass the word on?  Parker, Skye and I appreciate it!


  1. I will definitely pass this along on my fb page, and donate once I have some spare change. Good luck!!

  2. I made a (small) donation but it's not showing up. :(

  3. Maisie's Mom- I also donated, and it hasn't shown up. Donations have been added to the Pay Pal account we're using, so it really is just the chip-in page. I think it refreshes at certain time intervals, but as they don't have any customer service, it's hard to tell!

    Either way, thank you!!! I'll get to the bottom of it and get back to you!

  4. normally something has to really move me to make me donate, and after reading your posts, i know you have a big heart for dogs so i wanted to help. i have made a donation, it's a small one in comaprison to the amount you need, but i hope it helps.

  5. Thanks Yuki & co! Every dollar is going to help, so I really appreciate it!


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