Monday, August 1, 2011

In Other News...

Firstly, thank you all for your willingness to help Sinatra!  I'm coming up with a training program and exercise regime for him during his 6 month quarantine, to keep the poor boy sane!  Secondly, I realized (after a few pointed looks from Parker) that I've been neglecting my other pups' presence here in Blogworld.

So, for a (most likely long) summary of life this week:

Ella is a training client whose boarding reservation fell through at the last minute.  Although Ella isn't great with dogs, I agreed to take her as an opportunity to get to know her better outside of our training sessions.  This was not a great life choice.  Ella liked Parker well enough, but took an immediate dislike to Skye and made multiple attempts to bite her.  This led to a lot of confinement for Ella, both in a crate and leashed to a corner of the living room, and Ella wasn't happy.  Any time I got up she would bark and bark and bark until I went to sit next to her again.  Then, when Skye was upstairs sleeping, I shut the door to the stairs and let Ella move around.  She immediately walked over to Skye's fancy new bed and peed on it, then went in her crate to sleep.  I can say that I was happy when her Mom picked her up.

Since Parker and Skye were so good, I got them new toys to replace a few of the shards of cloth we still pretend are toys.  As with any new thing, they both decided they wanted to play with the same one, and their battle of wills began.


In the end, they agreed to swap every few minutes to keep things fair. 

My last update in our world is (drumroll please!) another medical issue for Skye!!

That's right folks, Skye realized that it's been a few weeks since seeing her vet, and took matters into her own paws.  Two days ago she was limping and I saw she had worn down a paw pad.  She spent two days in a cone with it wrapped (she liked to rip the wrap apart- hence the cone).  When that healed and Skye realized her plan to see the vet didn't work, she stopped eating.

Parker had his annual check up this morning, because he is normal and only sees the vet once every year, and I was sure I knew what Skye's problem was, so I asked to bring her along.  Poor Skye has had a tooth infection for months, but it is on the biggest, baddest tooth there is, and my vet has been trying everything to keep it from being removed.  Alas, it is not to be. 

Not only does she need a dental x-ray from a specialist to confirm, but the tooth has 3 roots instead of one, and typically takes about 3 hours to remove.  To quote my vet, "this surgery sucks to perform, and sucks to recover from."  Well Skye, be careful what you wish for.

I thought about taking a picture of the tooth, but I'm not that mean.  It's funky and gross, and you can use your imagination from there.  Skye seems to think it's all one big game, but I'm pretty much sending my next few paychecks directly to the vet.  So laugh while you can, little blue pit bull, cause you're not getting any new bones this month!

Hahahahahaha yippee!!!!  Oh wait...


  1. Poor Sinatra, quarantine for 6 months is going to bite but it will all be worth it in the end. The stinks about Skye's tooth, dental care seems to be just as spendy for dogs as it is for humans, sending healing vibes Skyes way for a speedy recovery.

  2. Love the play pics!


  3. Oooh we're bet you were glad to get your own place back after Ella's visit, we are a bit the same, especially if one pee'd in our bed! What great games you had there with your new toys, sorry to hear the bad news that Skye has to have a tooth out - ouch! Lets hops it's not as bad as they think, Dex and Lou xxx

  4. Haha I love the picture-series with Parker and Skye! Skye's all splayed out in froggy style, so cute.

    While I like honest vets, all he said made me feel worse for little Skye! I hope she pulls through like the little trooper she is!

  5. Great pictures. Wow what a long time to be in jail
    Benny & Lily

  6. I dont' know how far you are from Richmond, VA. We have a vet here who does dental cleaning and removal for a really good price. My vet quoted me $400 just for cleaning my pit bull's teeth, and that didn't include extractions. This vet is only charging me $155 for the cleaning and extractions put together. The only other add on is because I have an "older pit" (he hasn't gotten that memo yet) he has to have blood work done as well (Add $40)
    Hope this helps you balance your budget a bit more.

  7. Poor Skye. That tooth problem sounds nasty. She doesn't seem at all bothered by it though. Those pics are hilarious. She's quite a character, isn't she?


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