Tuesday, July 19, 2011

True Story Tuesday - Forbidden Love!

Welcome to True Story Tuesday!

This week we hear from Koira and Lazarus of My Life With Flyball Dogs.  You may notice that Lazarus is not a dog (excellent observational skills).  But that doesn't stop him from sharing his true confession to the world!

 Ah, young love and wild imaginations.  I hope you enjoyed this True Story Tuesday- come back next week for another juicy revelation from our four legged friends!

Do you want your pet featured as the next True Story Tuesday? Just send your pictures to SkyeMail07@gmail.com to enter, and you could be next!  Add your own "true story" or leave it up to Parker and Skye to determine your fate!

To see the original rules etc, you can go right here.   

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. that so cute and funny, i might have find a picture to submit and leave it up to parker and skye to tell the story. ;)

  2. tee hee hee



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