Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eliot and Kenobi Play Agility

Yesterday was apparently ditch day for agility class, and only my coworker showed up with her Westie, Eliot.  Another coworker was away for vacation, and her cattle dog mix Kenobi was boarding.  I grabbed Kenobi, and M and I had a little photo shoot on the agility course.  Enjoy!

Treats please!

Please throw the ball in the tunnel.  Pleasepleaseplease?

Technically sitting on the A-frame is not to be encouraged, but sometimes cheating is too cute!

I left my toy in the tunnel... will you go get it?


  1. ah the old leave the toy in the tunnel trick


  2. What a great photo shoot! Posing on the frame is a must when you look so good ;-) Have a great week, Dex and Lou x

  3. Those two cuties seem to really like to pose for you!


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