Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Splash of Mayhem

After Skye's run-in with that eeeevil wasp, I was worried she wouldn't be able to go hiking and swimming that day as planned.  However, when F arrived with Bruno, she was much less puffy and ready for action, so she came along after all.  That was good, because Parker and Scooter are not overly fond of wild and crazy 6 month old puppies, and poor Bruno needed someone to run around with!

We decided on an easy-ish hike that only takes an hour, and has a few brooks along the way for the dogs to drink from as needed.  We didn't actually come across anyone else, which is unusual for such a dog friendly place, but the relative quiet meant that Bruno was able to run off leash.  His goal in life seems to be to stay within 2 feet of Skye's tail at all times, so we never had to call him back.  I'd call Skye, and he'd be right there.  She seemed to enjoy having an apprentice in the art of hunting squirrels, and was very patient (insert shocked face here).

As you can see from the lack of photographic evidence, I left my camera in the car during the hike.  Bad human!

After hiking we drove about 10 minutes to the river where Skye just learned to swim.  I had my camera here, so I'll shut up and let the pictures do the talking!

I can still swim!

No one steals Skye's special toy!

Bruno decides the marsh is more fun.  Goodie.

Can you see Parker and Skye?  Bruno can!

Parker is meeting his dirt quota for the day

Cute? Yes.  Getting in my car? Not a chance.

Once Bruno started swimming, Parker decided he preferred him in the water, and wouldn't let him back on shore.

Summer adventures with my dogs are always my favorite.  Other than a small squabble over Skye's toy, which I should have prevented from ever happening, things went very well.  I sometimes forget that even my annoying, crazy dogs have limits when it comes to puppy antics, and I let Bruno harass Skye a little too long.  But we all had a great time, and everyone took a looooong nap after.

Did I say everyone had a great time?  Well, almost everyone...

Who decided the great outdoors shouldn't have couches?  I'd like a couch, please.


  1. Looks like that wasp didn't ruin your day anyhow. Hope it was fun
    Benny & Lily

  2. that looks like such a fun day...but oh my, those are some dirty dirty dogs!

  3. How fun, everyone looked like they had a great time. Poor parker and his easily dirtied white fur!

  4. Looks like she recovered well!


  5. What fabulous photo's a great day! So please Skye's face has recovered, just to let you know too that we have included Skye's great photo in this weeks post, we haven't forgotten Parker and will be putting that one in next week, just in case you thought we lost it ;-) Have a great weekend, dex and Lou xxx

  6. Just saying, I wouldn't be letting them in my car either! IT looks like they had a blast, though...

  7. That picture of Parker makes me laugh! What is it about white furred dogs that makes them love getting so dirty!


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