Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True Story Tuesday - Better Late Than Never!

Welcome to 
True Story Tuesday!

Well folks, this is it!  Our last True Story Tuesday, featuring Pallo of  My Life With Flyball Dogs.  This means that next Tuesday (aka the day before my vacation!!) the winner of a fabulous Sofa City Sweathearts dog ID tag will be announced!

Again, any photo entry will give you 10 chances to win, while a comment on a True Story Tuesday post will get you 1 chance (per comment). 

Without further ado- Pallo speaks the truth!
Keep trying, Pallo.  I'm sure you'll laugh in the face of gravity some day!

Thanks again guys!  I hope you got a few laughs out of it (I know I did!).  We will be having another giveaway in the near future, as we get closer to 100 followers.  But for now, leave a comment for your chance at free bling!

PeeS- We survived Irene just fine, a few trees down behind the house in the forest, but we never lost power!  Plus, with no thunder, Parker was happy as a lark!  However, my work has been without power since Sunday which means no night obedience classes, and a whole lot of pain in the butt for the kennel workers.  But the power should be back by the morning (paws crossed!)

PeePeeS- Sinatra is being neutered tomorrow!! Thank you so much to all who donated to help him out!  He'll get a microchip as well, then spend a few days of quiet to recover.  I'll be having a party during that time.


  1. ADORABULL!!!! we love it

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  2. So happy dat all of you is OK. Irene was a big meanie and I am glad her is gone but sad dat her did so much damage everywhere her went. :(

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Oops, i furgot sumptin'..my paws is crossed fur Sinatra and I am sendin' boxer puppy prayers to him helps him get through tomorrow. :)

  4. Goodness, that's a cute dog. I just want to squeeze him!

  5. I just noticed a strange amount of symmetry between Pallo, above, and Skye, in her profile pic to the left.

    And, Pallo can jump successfully to a surface 5+ feet high from a standing start, so is well on his way to permanently defying gravity!

  6. Glad you survived the big wind OK. It sure was scary.



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