Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updating Stuff and Stuff...

This is Skye!

Pretend there is cool theme music playing, okay?

Parker said I could write this post, as long as he is allowed to help.  That sounded fair.  So yesterday we got up early early and got in the car.  We drove to a place I'd never been, but there were horses and dogs and even pigs there!  Parker read the signs to me, so now I know what all those animals are called.  I got kinda nervous cause Sinatra got out of the car and didn't come back.  But since Parker couldn't stop laughing, I figured he'd be just fine.  At the end of the day we drove aaaaalllll the way back, and Sinatra got back in the car a little... different.  Parker is still laughing.  He won't tell me what happened cause it's "boy stuff" but now he gets fun stuff in his food too!  This morning it was a ball of cream cheese, maybe tomorrow it'll be peanut butter!  But Parker says I'm rambling.  Sorry friends, I like to talk and talk!

I like him more already.

In other news, Mommy is feeling crummy... which apparently doesn't involve crumbs at all!  Last week Mommy's mommy, who we're supposed to call Grammy but who I call 'the lady who sneaks me food off her plate' came home moaning and groaning.  She said her sinuses were going to explode!  Well, I don't know what sinuses are, but she was touching her face and I know I don't want that to explode!  Grammy slept a lot more than our routine typically calls for, which is always fine with me.  I made sure to follow her upstairs every time and lay next to her, in case I had to stop her face from exploding.

Well, this morning Mommy woke up and said her throat was all dry, like mine gets when I eat sand...


I made sure to go to work with her, and she got worse and worse!  Parker is still mad he didn't go to work, cause he thinks he's better to snuggle with (nuh-uh!).  Now she's all wrapped up and shivery and says her body is throbbing.  Parker says throbbing is like exploding, so we're keeping a close eye on things.  Plus, Mommy says there is a surprise visitor coming to stay this weekend, and she needs her energy.  She told me I've never met this visitor, but it's kinda like when Aspen came to stay for the first time.  I'm not sure why she thinks this is a good surprise... that Aspen was a handful.  In fact, he still is!  I got to hang out with him a few weeks ago, and he's a little bigger now.

He thinks he's a pretty cool guy.

I had to remind him that he was looking at the face of cool.

So anyway, Mommy is nervous cause she's visiting my Bestie dog Ava and her Mommy, D, next week in Florida.  She said she's going to a seminar... no clue what that is... about dog aggression (I know a little more about that) by Sarah Kalnajs.  Sounds like mumbo-jumbo for MOM IS LEAVING FOREVER AND NEVER COMING BACK!  Oh dear... now Parker is hyperventilating again... I'll be back.

This is me and Ava almost 1 year ago- I miss her lots and lots!


Okay I think we're good.  That's always fun to do to him!  See, Parker's birthday is this Sunday, and he's turning 4.  I hear from the other dogs that 4 is a big deal, and Parker was expecting a week long party.  Apparently Mommy decided to party in Florida without him.  But I'm working out a plan so he doesn't need a straight jacket and a padded cell for Mommy's "vacation" week.  Vacation meaning slow and deliberate torture.  I think it'll be fun!!!


  1. Happy Barkday, Parker!! And sorry Mommy is not feelin' well...but I got caught up in the cream cheese and peanut butter part of your there any left?


  2. Happeee Birthday Parker, what a pawrty!!
    Benny & Lily

  3. I hope you feel better before your trip! :(

  4. of course your the face of cool !! and tell parker we are sending you extra smelly barkday toots for him for his barkday. we loved your post and seeing all the bewootiful smiles

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  5. Well, mom won't be going anywhere if she explodes. Keep a close watch on her but be prepared to get out of the way should there be an event. Hoping that everybody gets back to normal soon.


  6. I hope your mom feels better soon, Skye! Give her extra cuddles...I hear that helps! :)

  7. sounds like a crazy busy time. i hope y'all keep finding time for fun while you're so busy helping everybody feel better!

  8. Your pictures are always so cute! Hope everyone is feeling much better soon. Have a good time in Florida! Happy early birthday Parker!!!

  9. You guys have awesome adventures! Hope everyone feels better soon


  10. You managed to put together a snazzy post and some awesome pix despite not feeling well! So pretty. I hope everything feels better soon--don't explode!


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