Tuesday, August 9, 2011

True Story Tuesday

Welcome to 
True Story Tuesday!

That's right, it's another thrilling rendition of our weekly pet confessions.  This week's true story comes from the world of Pauley James, former foster pooch.  His blog is full of crazy foster siblings that he must keep in line (Parker and Skye know the feeling!).  Let's take a look at what he has to say...

Good to see a pit bull with a sensitive side... a very sensitive side!  PJ, we'll try to keep the foster pups from seeing this, but no promises! 

There are only a few weeks left to be featured on True Story Tuesday before the contest is over!  Parker's birthday is September 4th, and he has decided that September 6th will be the last True Story Tuesday, so that a winner can be selected and the prize sent out!

Do you want your pet featured as the next True Story Tuesday? Just send your pictures to SkyeMail07@gmail.com to enter, and you could be next!  Add your own "true story" or leave it up to Parker and Skye to determine your fate!

And don't forget that this is a giveaway!!!  Comment on this post or send in a picture for your chance to win.  Win what?  How? Huh?  No worries, just  take a look at this post to catch up!


  1. we love Mr. PJ and are very impressed that he's so in touch with his feminine side!


  2. haha this one is great


  3. Thanks for letting Pauley participate. The wig actually is a Dorothy wig :) We needed this laugh today!

  4. Lol, kind of hard to imagine Dorothy being anyone's hero, but maybe its the "No Place Like Home" line he likes best?

  5. What a great shot (and what a patient pup)!

  6. HAHA too funny, poor pup!



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