Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's the Plan, Sinatra?

I feel like poor Sinatra has disappeared from the blog lately... Skye's birthday kinda overshadowed my other life priorities.  But no longer!

Sinatra had a meet and greet set up last Thursday with a really promising adopter.  Unfortunately, we seemed to mix up our communication a bit and it didn't end up happening.  However, this family seems like a fantastic match for my big man; lots of dog experience, older kids, no cats, and another young pit bull who loves to play.  The family is fine with Sinatra's slight possessive behavior and his quarantine procedure, now all we need to do is get together.  The most important thing is that the dogs get along, as they are primarily looking to find him a pal.  The best part?  They have an older schnauzer who doesn't take crap from other dogs...

Where have I heard that before?

Our actual meeting should take place this week, and I can't wait!  I love Sinatra and want him to find the best home possible... just like every other foster parent!  I also want to get back to having 2 dogs for a little while.  Satan's little helper Kona is going home tomorrow, which will reduce my stress level by a whole lot, but I think Parker and Skye will enjoy the quiet when they're the only ones left.

Please Mom?  Make them go away!

On the training front, Sinatra has been doing great!  I've been walking him on my waist leash with a backpack, and he is staying focused and pulling much less- even without the Easy Walk Harness!  We've had the opportunity to meet more dogs to put my mind at ease about his greeting behavior and other than getting stiff when 3 large male dogs surrounded him (weird, right?) he generally play bows within 10 seconds and tries to run around.  He is a master at stay, and is reluctant but responsive to dropping his toys and bones when I ask- even if it isn't clear that I have something to trade him for.

Intense focus, sit and stay.  Go ahead, test me.

There is only one down side to report.  Sinatra went to *the best vet ever!* to receive his Distemper booster shot and so the vet could check out a rash that Sinatra has had on and off since he was neutered.  It is primarily in the region of his man parts, but shows up on his belly and inner legs on occasion.  His paws were also getting pink on some days... can you guess?  Allergies.  Most likely an environmental allergy, and the vet thinks it may just be a general sensitivity.  He said if Sinatra had spent the first year of his life in the same yard, with little exposure to the world at large, it would make sense that he is easily irritated by common allergens in the environment.  Plus, we go in the woods or to the beach almost every day, so he's being exposed to a ton of different things.  He's on medication to clear up the rash, but the vet is hopeful that he will adjust over time and won't need any special treatment.  Phew!

With that, I'll say good night.  Wait, what's that?  You can't get enough Parker, Skye, Sinatra, Kona, Scooter, Jenny, and the rest?  Well don't worry!  You can now find us on Facebook!

Sinatra is so worried you won't be his friend, he's back to sucking on a blankie for comfort.  Come on now, how can you disappoint that big lug?


  1. A rash in your man bits? Oh say it isn't so. I hope your immunities build up so that you can feel all better soon.


  2. we will keep our paws crossed for you Sinatra
    Benny & Lily

  3. We hope the meeting goes really really well!


  4. Paws crossed that Sinatra has found his wonderful furever home!

    PeeS - For skin stuff, check into Neem oil / shampoo. Lots of info online and it's easy to find in places like Whole Foods, etc. Might help with Sinatra's skin allergies. Just a thought :)

    The Road Dogs

  5. Turk totally sucks on his blanket (which looks just like Sinatra's!) He also nibbles on naughty!

  6. Geese, a rash on his man bits? Awful! Just awful! This used to happen to the Felix and we had to start wiping his sensitive areas with an organic unscented baby wipe after he went outsid. It got better with time, but we do give him a fish oil capsule to help improve the body's inflammatory response a bit. I can't imagine three dog's. We had three for like 12 hours and it was EXHAUSTING!

  7. good luck with your big meet and greet! :)

  8. Hi Guys! Great news that Sinatra may have a furever home - especially with a Schnauzer to keep him in line, we know how good at that we are don't we Parker? ;-) It will be good to have some quiet time just the two of you - until the next four legged friend comes along....! Dex and Lou xxx PS

  9. Road dogs- thanks for the tip, we were thinking about starting him with fish oil, but I'll look into Neem oil next time I'm at Whole Foods.

  10. Sinatra is a handsome devil-we hope he finds his forever home soon!


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