Sunday, November 20, 2011

Talkie Talkie

I feel like it has been a long, looong time since I've truly updated the blogging world on life.  Lately I've been addicted to fairy-tale remake shows (Grimm and Once Upon a Time) so my first inclination would be an update in story form.  But the realist in me says that I don't have the time, energy, or attention span to give it justice or sass.  Instead, you get blurbs!

Blurbs that include sleepy pictures!

On the Skye front- we've had some ups and downs the past few weeks.  With Sinatra back among us, she has been a little crabby but also very snuggly with him (what a woman, right?).  She had a recheck on her scabbiness and the vet is impressed by the level of healing and regrowth from the experimental medication.  He decided to put her back on it for 2 months, with the goal being normalcy before we stop the medication. 

Two days after the appointment, Skye had a fainting episode, which hasn't happened since last March.  It was exactly the same- Skye woke up, ran outside with Sinatra for 10 seconds, came inside and crashed into the cabinet.  She couldn't get her legs to work properly, had dilated pupils, but was completely lucid.  My vet said it was worth noting, but can't be anything overly concerning if it only happens once or twice a year.  The funny thing is, last year Parker was a huge help in calming Skye down after.  This time, he sat a few feet away and watched but didn't interfere.  Sinatra, however, was a mother hen.  He was pacing and whining while she flopped around, then thoroughly licked her face afterward.  I love my boys!

I have been feeding Skye a raw chubs in the morning, and her kibble at night.  The raw is definitely messing with her tummy a bit, but that is typical of her.  Parker, the food whore, refused to eat the raw!  Punk.  I'm still flipping and flopping between ideas, and money has been really tight lately, so while I dabble in the raw I have yet to fully commit.

Parker has also been helping me with a new client.  They adopted a transfer dog (just like Evil Kona) who has some issues.  She is so terrified of life that she rarely leaves the safety of the dining room table.  Poor Hannah was in foster care from about 3-5 months of age, then was transferred up to a family with 3 young kids, a busy schedule, and minimal dog experience.  They picked her on petfinder because she is a lab mix, and they wanted a bumbling lab to grow up with the kids.  Hannah is one of the most fearful dogs I've ever met, and she is incredibly lucky that her family does not want to send her back.  Her "foster home" had tons of dogs in it, which is fine if you're like Dog Foster Mom and you commit time and effort into each individual dog.  But I am fairly certain that this pup spent those months with lots of dogs and minimal human interaction.  She hides from everyday sounds, shuts down when a leash is clipped to her, and paces/panics when directly approached.  Luckily, she shows absolutely no aggression, and seems most comfortable with the kids in the home.  With Parker by my side, we managed to walk out of the dining room, outside, and around the house with only one moment of frozen fear.  Thanks little man!

Then there is Sinatra.  Ohhhh Sinatra.  After returning from his failed adoption, Sinatra has been very clingy.  He whines when I leave, even if my brother or mom stay with him, and has tried pushing Parker out of the way for attention.  Woah buddy.  We've been training a little more and he's been eating his meals from a toy instead of a bowl to occupy his busy mind, but it makes me feel bad.  Then, someone completely stood me up today when we had a planned meet and greet.  So grumble grumble Sinatra, it looks like you're spending Thanksgiving with us.


Ah well, such is life.  At least I'm 24 now.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!  I spent my birthday weekend not sleeping much; I chaperoned a rock climbing trip for the youth group, then went to a concert the next night in the same city.  The best part?  I conquered one rock wall that I hadn't been able to do in past years- hail the power of being 24!  I just need to harness that power to train more dogs and make more money!

I wear neon green so the kids can find me in the dark.

So that's life here at Of Pit Bulls and Patience.  We're still working on living happily ever after, but at least we've mastered looking cute for pictures!


  1. You all look adorable. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pack :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. Sounds like Skye is getting visits from the seizure monster, but your vet is right. Couple times of year, no worries. Besides, she has a nice hard head.


  3. Sooo happy and sweet. Sinatra is such a cutie but I can certainly relate to wanting a foster dog to find his home, much as we love him!

    Here's to finding some really amazing new clients and having a wonderful holiday with the pups!

  4. I love rock climbing :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. I LOVE your blog! I'm now a follower. And I love Pit Bulls! I fostered a litter of 7 and they were by far the best litter I ever fostered. You will like my Wordless Wednesday blog this week if you are a pit bull lover!


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