Friday, February 3, 2012

It's a Give Away!!

We hit 100 followers!! I didn't notice that I was at 99 followers for a while- oops!  But it gives me a great excuse to host a contest and giveaway.

Are those even the same?  I figure, if you want some great stuff, you'll have to earn it.

Earn it?  Can't I just get it on a silver platter?


It's easy!  You have until the end of February to show off your pet!  Does your dog do a cool trick?  Can your cat sing?  I want to see it!

Post a picture or video on our Facebook wall or e-mail it to me ( to enter!

Parker can climb trees!

Skye can jump?

Be as creative as you want.  The competition ends February 29th at midnight.  Each week I'll post the entries I've received and at the end of the month a winner will be chosen by a neutral judge based on how impressed she is.  Don't worry, the judge isn't Skye!

The prize:

A few of our favorite things!  Including a collar flower or bowtie, Sofa City Sweetheart ID Tag, Best Bully Sticks, and more!

Please include your name, pet's name, and contact info with your entry, along with any explanation necessary.

During the month of February, I'll be very busy at work.  Due to my lack of free time, I'll be putting minimal effort into the blog so that I have enough time to read all of your blogs!  In addition to posting the contest entries, I'll be posting a few "oldies but goodies" that most of you didn't read because, well, I didn't have 100 followers then!  Enjoy!


  1. Congratulations on hitting 100 followers! We're proud to be one of them! Great photos today!

  2. Congrats! Our dogs show off we're thinking of something special foster dog Bessie-Belle can do...

  3. What fun! Congrats on the 100 followers! Its a huge milestone to reach, for sure.

  4. 100 FOLLOWERS?! Wow, Jenny.... That is GREAT!! ;-D

  5. My dogs sleep lots... does that count?

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Woooof, 100 followers. That's a lot of dogs and their peeps.

    Hmmm what can I show you. I will have to think on this. What are the rules can each of us enter or one per household?


  7. Hi Guys!! Wow this is gonna be hard, does slepping count, we're great at that? does pee mail count, we're great at that? treat eating? NO???? Oh dear gonna have to get thinking hard! Dex and Lou :-)

  8. Hey guys! Feel free to enter each dog in your household (fosters count too!) or enter as a group. And yes, sleeping and eating definitely qualify as long as they do it in a "special" way!

  9. Hi. I just recently found your blog and now are following you! I'm new to this so it took me a while to figure out how to follow people. I love to train my pup and we find fun things to do for tricks. Check us out on our blog, Thanks!

  10. I'm late (story of my life), but CONGRATULATIONS! 100 is a biggie (and it's 106 now, btw) - and you deserve it!

    I can't wait to see all the entries! Nice theme!

  11. How did I miss this?! Sending my submissions over now!


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