Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mr. Chewy, I Love You.

I'll admit, when I first saw a blog reviewing Mr I was pretty jealous.  Free stuff?  Yes please!  I was curious, so I went to their website and was pretty amazed at the variety of treats and food they carried!  I ended up buying a few things and was happy with the whole experience.

Well, wouldn't you know that a week or two later I got an e-mail from Mr Chewy, asking me to review them?  I nearly jumped out of my skin in excitement!  I immediately went on their website and started browsing.  Since the dogs eat a raw diet I stuck with ordering treats- there were tons to choose from! 

I made my order while chatting with a friend on the phone.  Let me say, I felt pretty great.  Then I realized something... I forgot to put my promo code in!  Stupid human!  I love my dogs, but a $50 spending spree isn't in our budget, so I called Mr Chewy and spoke with a very nice girl.  In the 10 minutes since I placed my order, it had already been processed!  She had to speak with her manager (I was a little embarrassed) to deduct the $50 from my order.

The next day I e-mailed them to confirm that my mistake wasn't permanent.  Someone got back to me quickly and let me know that it was all taken care of and my money was put back on my card.  Phew!

All that happened on Tuesday.  Tonight at 6:30pm there was a knock on our door- our package had arrived!!

Open it Mom- please??

Hmmm it sure smells good!

My Review:

Pros- Great selection, fantastic customer service, fast delivery, free shipping on orders $49+ (a blessing and a curse...)

Cons- Only 1: with sooooo many brands and options, I found it hard to browse the selection.  I wasn't looking for a certain brand, but did want some training treats, a chew or two, and maybe chicken jerky.  I did a search for some things, but it would be convenient categorize by type of treat as well.

What we got:

Natural Balance Dog Food Roll- aka Puppy Crack.  This is a dog trainer's dream!  Rather than buying bags and bags of more expensive treats, I slice and dice a dog food roll into small cubes.  The Turkey formula is easiest to cut and doesn't crumble, and one roll makes enough treats for 3-4 weeks (training several dogs daily).  Plus it is nutritionally balanced, unlike treats, so you don't have to feel bad about cutting Fido's dinner in half.

Blue Buffalo 'Tranquility' chicken jerky- good brand, good price.
ZiwiPeak Venison & Mussel treats- not sure why, but don't they sound fun?
Dogswell 'Mellow Mutt' chicken jerky- clearly Skye was being a bit wild while I was ordering
Pure Bites freeze dried liver treats- these are a splurge, since I don't usually sport out the money for something as mouth watering as dried liver. 
ZiwiPeak Deer Shank bone half- Parker loves a good bone
Merrick GI Bone- To keep Skye away from Parker's bone


Of course Parker steals Skye's bone instead!

Skye isn't complaining.

Overall?  Check out Mr. Chewy.  The prices are about the same as my local pet supply store, but this website has a much better variety of high quality products.  I'm excited to try out the new treats tomorrow at the beach and I plan on using Mr Chewy again!

Need another reason to try them?

How about 10% off your first order, PLUS a $10 donation to North Shore Animal League America?  Just use my code- SKYE5372  when you order.  It's that simple!

*This was an honest assessment of my experience.  No amount of free stuff in the world would change my mind if I didn't like Mr 

Also- tune in tomorrow when I announce a new giveaway to celebrate hitting 100 followers!!! Fun times to come!


  1. This is totally off topic but I'm wondering where your training facility is in NH. I'm in southern Maine and would be interested in some help with my pit/mix. Additionally, I love this blog and had the pleasure of meeting Skye at the AWS Strut Your Mut last year.


  2. We loved Mr. Chewy too. Great treat selection you got there - those pups hit the Jackpot.

  3. Totally jealous! Your pups are lucky to have gotten that box of goodies. A different company was going to send us some free stuff, but it has never arrived. :(

  4. This is awesome! I'll definitely have to check it out. And I just love the photos of your gorgeous dogs!!!

  5. Awesome! What a great treat selection. I know any number of raw feeders who make their own treats, but frankly, I just can't see myself spending the time to cut up tiny bits of beef heart in quantities great enough to actually do all my training with it!

  6. Neat, Jenny!! I will have to CHECK Mr. Chewy out!! Thank-you for the review!! ;op

  7. Skye looks like a little puppy in that last pic!

  8. Bummer! We JUST placed our order with them moments before we followed one of those strange cyber trails that leads you to a new someone's blog. :) Had we seen the rescue donate code, we woulda! But, we're going to reference your blog to our readers so that they can use the code, should they want to donate! :)


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