Friday, March 2, 2012

Talent? I Think Yes.

Wow.  February, what happened?  I must have missed it.  Luckily, you guys were more on the ball and got your entries in for the contest in time! 

Tomorrow I'll announce the winner of the contest, but first I have a few more talented pups to introduce to you!

Beau can balance a whole lot better than Skye!

Garth says "Elton John, eat your heart out."

Over at A Wonderful Dogs Life, Sweet Pea can find it,   Bella sure can jump,  and Emma calls on her human staff!

Well, I think that's all our entries - 19 in all!  Tomorrow the lucky winner will be announced and the package put together!

Oh, except Skye.  Her other talent is making Eeyore look cheerful.

Another party.  Woo.


  1. Fun contest! Looking forward to seeing the winner. And, if you are in the mood for some more contests, head on over to my blog for the guess-the-breed contest I have going on right now, with a custom St. Patrick's Day collar as the prize for the winner. But, the contest ends Monday, so visit soon!

  2. Beau can balance a whole lot better than me!! I am clumsy.... I might fall in!! ;-}

  3. Awww, Skye. I feel for you. Those pointy hats make me feel the same way. Bright side is wherever there's a party there are presents :) and food :)


  4. Wow! Those are some pretty impressive pics! I know I'd be swimming below that tree-bridge in 2 seconds flat!!


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