Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Winner Is...


That's right- all that patience with your foster sisters finally came around!  Your talent for ignoring perfectly good food sitting right in front of your face is to be admired.  I know Skye can't do that!

Don't know Turk?  Check out his blog!

Also, because life is weird, I taught that same trick to Gunner last week.

Turk- I'll be e-mailing you shortly to work out the details.  In the meantime, make sure to pick the ID tag you want at Sofa City Sweethearts, think about what you want from Best Bully Sticks and browse the bowties!


  1. Turk (And Gunner!!) can resist temptation by having treats balanced on their front paws? That is winner-worthy!! My Rose cannot balance treats on her front paws.... Not without eating them first!! ;op
    Congrats, Turk!! ;-D

  2. Hoooooooray! Turk is so excited - it's almost enough to get him out of his Comfy Cone induced depression! :)

    Thanks for the great giveaway! We are so psyched!

  3. Way to go Turk! Congratulations! I can do that for about 7 seconds.

  4. Congrats Turk!! Super impressive :)

  5. That's a pretty cool trick. Looks like SOMEONE has been getting good impulse control training.


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